Requiem – King Iso lyrics

Lyrics Requiem – King Iso

Requiem lyrics
Before I start this album (Left right left)
There are a couple of things I gotta address (Left right left)
I mean it’ll only be right (Left right left)
Strange Music (Left right left)
Some people didn’t wanna say it (Left right left)
Fuck ’em

[Verse 1: King Iso]
Who we gotta kill? It’s obvious
They done drew first blood phlebotomist
I’m on top I think I forgot what the bottom is
But look at the homies with me here and I brought ’em in
I’ll turn your empire to an Ottoman
I’m a God still getting stoned monolith
One up top like Mozzy if you a mausoleum
Show Marx like Karl communist
Sorry ’bout my auto man it contradict the kinda hits
But I been learned called on me gripping some kinda contra shit
I said presidents and I don’t wanna politic
So I’ma get to dug in combos about what Donald did
But I got a vendetta I’m anonymous
Every opposite damn I’m weird now synonymous
I should just change my name to Dr. Iso
Cause I just wanna figure out what the fuck the problem is
Boy I got a problem with these faggot ass fans
They be switching up and can’t use logic in the comments
And I was never Sonic got bread from all kind of shit
But now they hate the brand and helped who they still rocking with
Some of y’all are still cool this is not a diss
I’m thinkin’ what if me and Twisted ended up squashing it?
We could do a tour not the commenting y’all have been talking shit see me in person and get your noggin’ split
But my greatest enemy of all is this
My flesh fear going hard on these carcasses
I’ma box with a monster inside of it
That’s about to climb out of my esophagus
Gluttony lust in me wrath prod again
Was it greed fuck it eat till a sloth a sin
Run inside of Iso’s caster get to slaughtering
Like cattle we even got all then my wind’ll kill these hostages

[Interlude: King Iso]
I showed you motherfuckers love from the beginning
I still show love
It’s like you didn’t want me to make it
I’ll go to war with all you motherfuckers homie
But I’m at war with myself
Matter fact Tech say something

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Somethin’ switched up fuckin’ hiccups
Jump we can thump if a chump wanna get nuts
Dump on a bitch trust if you diss us
Pumpin’ a stick buss every hater get fucked
Nothing discussed
Anybody with fuss bucks in the gut is the luck of a sick fuck
Stuck with a bishop cause a mix up
Funk I’ma disrupt shut a nigga lips up!
One of a kind you niggas gonna resign
When you get a whiff of the gift I mean the gun of the N9ne
Put some in ya mind if you thinkin’ of comin’ for slime
Hunter for crime but I buss in a drummer’s design
(Funny day though) When they be typin’ thinkin’ they tough
(What he say though?) He wanna fight us he feelin’ rough
(When he playdough we fatal ask the true nigga TaeBo)
Militant niggas don’t give a fuck!
Never cease ta beast ya
‘Cause we Khalifah’s please the heater
When I make you meet the Reaper
The piece to meat decrease the beef and eat ya
Decease a thief the chief’ll seat ya deeper!
He don’t wanna come into my killer metropolis
‘Cause when he use to come around he feel a necropolis
He know that me and Scooby and Makzilla be poppin’ it
Nigga be Op’n it lead is gonna fill the esophagus
Tech’s the best flow the flexing threshold
Steadily goin’ up and can expect the death toll
Next foe sendin’ threats to Neb know we red bro’s head and necks go like Esco
Shit that was said niggas would never admit ’cause they’d rather commit to the cred instead of gettin’ this bread
So we takin’ a moment to remember the dead niggasss

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Requiem – King Iso lyrics
Requiem - King Iso
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