Racks 2 skinny – Migos lyrics

Lyrics Racks 2 skinny – Migos

Racks 2 skinny lyrics
I cop me a coupe and I hop in it
He claimin’ the game but he not in it
That Birkin bag came with the fire in it
He told your a rap with lie in it
He got some new jewelles he flexin’ his ice
He prayin’ go God he don’t die in it
Let me take ’em back to the bando in the Nawf
Don’t you remind me
I try to stay low but I shine so bright
Si it be hard not to find me
These rainbow diamonds up in that Rollie
No this not no regular time piece (Rainbow)
Come place your order gon’ cost you a quarter
And there’s a fee to stand beside me
God forbid if somebody try me
I’m turnin’ this shit to a crime scene
Grab a cig and put up the kid
The mini Draco in the arm sling
And ain’t no jumpin’ or switchin’ no side
When I let it sing the bell ring
Please don’t judge me just ’cause of my cover
‘Cause you never seen what I seen
When the racks too skinny

[Verse 2: Quavo]
I walk in the bih with my gun out (Bah)
You don’t know what I know ain’t seen what I seen
What the fuck they be talm ’bout?
Damn (Damn) she stick on a bag and on this bitch to clock out
I pulled the F&N out of my drawers
She thought I was pullin’ my cock out (Cock out)
If you touch one of us we bust
Your lil’ bitty shit get show down (Grrah)
You’re not one of us I didn’t not trust ya then
Especially not now versuri-lyrics.info
Young nigga come through spittin’ this swingin’ shit
It’s a Nawfside playground (Nawfside)
Yeah zip ’em up spray ground
We gon’ 85 Nawfbound
Yessir it’s migo business
We divided the field like tennis (We divided the field)
We shook up the trenches
Movin’ the tenants and still trappin’ in it (Trap trap)
It’s a handout fifty
I stack it up double up spend it (Stack it stack it)

[Chorus: Quavo]
When the racks too skinny
I can make some squeeze a milli’ (x5)

[Verse 3: Offset & Quavo]
Dropped out of school
Kicked down the door bust it down now we full (Kick down)
Know ’bout the demin the patches velour
I send ‘em they split ’em don’t go back and forth
I got a stick the bitch take down a horse (Stick)
Basketball season the Wraith like a court (Hey)
We get you split get you put in a morgue (Morgue)
Big body mansion with basketball courts (Court)
Count a whole M up my thumb was sore (Sore)
Just look at this bitch and I know I’ma score (Score)
Two hunnid cash with a mag in my drawer (Mag)
I’m pullin’ strings like I play the guitar
Dracos and MACs we ready for war (Dracos the Dracos)
We petty we spend every day with them cut up machete
I spend a little lettuce he sent to the medics
My money come steady somebody die only way I can dead it
I heard your money was sheddin’
We on the verge worth hundreds of millions (Verge)
They trick off your top and I took off my ceiling
Cash in the vault I got more than a million
Ms in the bank I don’t care ’bout a M (Please)
Play with the gang we stay and we drill ’em (Chirp)
Fuck it we crash we villain
I’m in my bag and I’m hittin’

[Chorus: Quavo]
When the racks too skinny
I can make some squeeze a milli’ (x8)

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Racks 2 skinny – Migos lyrics
Racks 2 skinny - Migos
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