Put it on – Nefew lyrics

Lyrics Put it on – Nefew

Put it on lyrics
Rubber band in my pocket, rubber band man
Snow bunny getting freaky on the Santan
We can shoot a movie, nigga, like I’m Van Damme
Nigga, long live Bank, I bought a TransAm
I just wanna sag, nigga, with the big pockets
Finna rock and roll, now a nigga wrist rocky
I ain’t never needed clout, bitch, I been poppin’
Those sucker niggas hatin’ but they been watchin’
Me and OJ and Slim, we just left a meeting
Mob ties like Italians, eating fettucini
Got suspenders on, nigga, with the bosses, leanin’
Fast forward a couple months, I bought a Lamborghini
Pull up Lamborghini, fast forward a couple months
I just fucked your ho, it only took a couple blunts
All these VVS got these bitches starstruck
Yeah, I’m with my white bitch, we’re in Starbucks
Three-fifty on cologne, yeah, I smell amazing
Three-fifty but the tax made it three-eighty
White on white, yeah, I’m fresher than a new baby
On the island blowin’ smoke countin’ blue faces
Big body Escalade, in the back seat
Lookin’ real presidential when I slide by
Fire fire, get you whacked, do a drive-by
Smokin’ on a big cigar like a wise guy

Put it on

Got a spot with the bag ducked off in the mountain
Say you’re full of nothin’ but love but I really doubt it
Dropped my ties, nigga, I just got a new accountant
Money counter count the money, I ain’t gotta count it
Switch it up, Aviator got these bitches checkin’
Gold trim on the lens like my nigga Fresh
VVS diamonds on, yeah, they very special
Fuckin’ all these bad bitches like I’m Hugh Hefner
Double cup styrofoam with the mud in it
Big revolver, yeah, I’m ridin with the judge, nigga
I ain’t worried ’bout these hoes ’cause they unimportant
Drinkin’ out a pineapple, nigga, I’m in Florida
This a plain jane, nigga, but it cost a forty
Finest of the champagne, got it imported
Plug ain’t from the country, he got deported
Text message hit my phone, had to reorder
Slidin’ all black brew, I ain’t coupe supporter
Earring for my bitch, yeah, I spent a quarter
Boy, you 12, you ain’t come and get the first order
Nigga tryna ride my wave like a surfboarder
I’m the realeset nigga in it, give you four reasons
Got it on me ’cause these niggas hatin’ for no reason
Came from the bottom, nigga, yeah, the very bottom
Now I’m fuckin’ bad bitches at the Four Seasons

Put it on

Put it on – Nefew lyrics
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