Prada you – Lil Durk lyrics

Lyrics Prada you – Lil Durk

Prada you lyrics
Permanent  mark on my heart girl you careless
And  when you act like you don’t care that shit be scary
And I got caught with four five hoes I’m so embarrassed
I put the streets before myself it gave me leverage
No  disloyal in my heart whatever that is
Came  a long way from Amiris rocking Ballys
I know some niggas don’t take care of they kids they don’t call ’em daddy
And  that’s a deadbeat got a Trackhawk with the red seats
Let’s get married get a couple M’s then I’m ready
Give you Chanel sneaks then a Chanel bag color cherry
And I ain’t nothing like them other niggas so don’t compare me
Actuality  they treated me unfairly

You put your friends in our business
You know they dying for attention
‘Cause ain’t no point in bein’ no friend
L-O-V-E do you love me?
R-E-S-P-E-C-T don’t say fuck me
Tryna L-I-V-E do you trust me
If I gave your ass my heart girl you lucky
And you better tell the world that you love me
That you love me yeah
Do you love me?
Do you love me?

And I don’t talk about no weak shit I don’t touch it
Tear your hole up and your throat back when I’m bustin’
You told your friends inside your groupchat we was fuckin’
I heard your friends say that I treat you like you nothing
I’m a gangster but I moan when you suckin’
When we fuckin’ I fuck long I don’t rush it
Fuck my past you can’t hold onto nothing
When you mad you say go’n on and fuck

I done bought you Gucci Louis and Prada too
I done bought you a Prada bag said I’m proud of you
Play with my bitch and it’s bada-bing then bada-boom
I’m high as hell I’m taking Percocets by the moon
Get that Lambo’ truck the color Nipsey Blue
And you be feeling like the man in the empty room
I don’t gotta force you for the pussyyy

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Prada you – Lil Durk lyrics
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