Post and delete – Chris Brown lyrics

Lyrics Chris Brown – Post and delete

Post and delete, indecisive.
/Post and delete./ (x3)

Had to block your account and unfollow your ass.
Yeah, bitch you the worst.
And if you tryna ‘tack me, I’ma start spazzin’.
Shave room baller alert.
I was just mindin’ my business, it was just me and my niggas.
You started likin’ his pictures.
I started pipin’ his bitches.
p*ssy pop a Perc and get busy.
I’m about to f*ck around and call this bitch.
Like delete all that shit.
Can’t keep my name out your mouth, eatin’ all that d*ck.
Jugglin’ my balls and shit.
Always tryna recall my conversations like the fedorale.
And everybody tryna race me like I’m Ricky Bobby.
Black Pyramid, that don’t mean I’m illuminati.
Ain’t gotta pull a trigger, homies gotta come with the bodies, believe that.
I ain’t with the fake shit, chopper gon’ spray shit.
Hit you like emoji with the faces.
Never give the police my statement.
Never say shit ’bout the bricks I had up in my basement.
Stop it, what the f*ck you want from me?
Know my time and my money, bitch that ain’t free.
What you call a king with a chain? A masterpiece.
And don’t talk that shit if you gon’ post and delete.

Pooost and delete, indecisive.
/Pooost and delete./ (x3)
Chris Brown lyrics
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Post and delete – Chris Brown lyrics
post and delete - chris brown
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