Politics – YBN Nahmir lyrics

Lyrics Politics – YBN Nahmir

Politics lyrics
Man what the fuck?
Niggas already know what the fuck is goin on
I ain’t nun on that internet talking man
Niggas is pussy
On my momma nigga
If you for real leave the internet

When I hit em up in traffic
.. nigga you ran
Niggas really don’t want smoke
They talking for the gram
Triyn’ get that clout up
They mention me like feds
Until we hop out with them blowers
Blow ’em like a fan
Niggas talk that hot shit when I’m out of town
But when I touch back down all these niggas ’round
I be talking cash and I got a bag now
But if a nigga think I’m pussy Imma lay ’em down
I’m in LA fucking all these hoes
I’m dizzy, I’m up now
They do what I say like the sensei
My shit hit like a nigga hit ..
And bitches now me
I’m still bouncing out with them Big K’s
When I’m town .. ducking shit
Niggas talking we don’t want that beef sparking sticks
Niggas make that lil diss but ain’t sparking shit
Boy you pussy and we know you stay .. bitch
Bro .. where them niggas stay
I’m in the .. with number 5 he hit you in the face
Fake beef then you need to put that mop up
When them shooters come around they really mop ya
Nigga on yo dead homie I ain’t ran from shit
If a nigga say I did he a lying bitch
Beat them bitches up you niggas wasn’t stopping shit
If I was there I would let off the whole clip
.. need to ride another way
Ya’ll was all on my dick when rubbing off the paints
That shit dropped and a nigga hit a 100k
That’s why they mad, cause they wanna be up on my plate
But now you .., I’m the one fucking bitches now
All that reporting, you niggas steady snitching now
Keep on talking with that .. bet he finna drown
.. was talking they turned ..
I say I’m good .., let a nigga play
So you can catch me ..
It’s rip .., for Quay I count big ..
These niggas still talking with no bullets in them Ak’s
Niggas talking until they see that black ..
I ain’t never seen these bitches or ..
I broke that lil bitch hard I can’t keep mines
I came .., nigga I’ll be fine
I’m goin’ to Houston, no a nigga got the mob ties
These niggas really on .., IG lives
I’m locked in in this hell, if you touch me nigga
These niggas only act hard when they niggas with em
Shout out .., shout out .. them my niggas nigga
Any nigga touch .. I’m really tripping nigga
Touch Dizzy lil bitch then I’m on yo ass
.. I leave you in that body bag

You think just cause we up them M’s we ain’t shooting niggas
Okay we on that when .. yeah stupid nigga
All my niggas earned them stripes now we too offic
That’s yo homie he gon’ die too, what he doin’ with you
Smoke a .. thinking ’bout my bloody nigga know I miss
.. you can smoke for Kobe yeah ..
Used to wake up early mornings and we on that mission
Sending you rip hollow go right through a ..
.., you must think we kiddin’
Homie ain’t no killer, that shit don’t ..

Politics – YBN Nahmir lyrics
Politics - YBN Nahmir
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