Peaceful protest – Angela Brown lyrics

Lyrics Peaceful protest – Angela Brown

Peaceful protest lyrics
We need a resolution
Free our minds and souls
We want to be free
Don’t hate me cause I’m different
I’ve been struggling since I was born
I was called on
By God to make a difference
It was not me who forged reinference
Who abandoned my brothers ignorance
Broken promises unpaid reparations
Spreading hate across nations
Poising minds with lies and regret
Save me from embarrassment
Of lies and regrets
Power of arrogance misunderstood
Played back in misfortunes
And delusions lies and deception
The system created by exploitation
We regret the in painful depression
The threat of war

That divide us eternally
Stop all the haters terrorizing our nation
Many of us are dying of starvation
Voices of power cross generations of greed
Stealing our freedom at the seems
The image of darkness opened at our feet
History is crippling our minds with poison
We must fight back from the destitution
We must understand where we are today
We took it for granted
What we had was so easily taken away
We must end all hate, poverty and neglect
Because it’s the cause used
As a weapon to district usss

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Peaceful protest – Angela Brown lyrics
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