Patty Cake – Token lyrics

Lyrics Token – Patty Cake

Have you seen him?
When you see him you might tip your hat to Jesus
Rashing meaner than the poison ivy but the boy is gliding like the ballerinas
At the meeting, if you haven’t seen him, he need half a reason not to bash your teeth in
Say you love me, you don’t have to mean it
I’m the last to believe it anyway
Lift and I levitate
d*ck gotta let it hang
Piss on your resume
Kid does it every day
I don’t idolize, you will utilize, pen will penalize
Pen gotta penetrate
Look at me and they know what to emulate
Look at you and they know what to never say
Look at you I feel like I’ve been pepper sprayed
Growing up in the industry, money’s how a medicate
They happy I be sober then give me liquor to celebrate.(Patty Cake)

Cut that shit
Since thirteen I was manager, agent, and a publicist
I decide what was and is
Turn down meeting Eminem before dumbasses call me the new Eminem
Suck my d*ck
Don’t give that away, I don’t collaborate
Token got loads of accolades and I can show and validate
You don’t know where you’re going, navigate but go-a-that-a-way
The moment that I say you only agitate, I go assassinate
Look at all of the information that Token has away
Kind of like a total database – phone that Apple makes
With the quickness, I got a little idiots putting their hands together like a Patty cake, Patty cake, Patty cake
Woah, Patty cake
Woah, Jeffy
Tell me why the f*ck are you so Jeffy
Telling me how to use flow Jeffy
You don’t even know what is flow Jeffy
No Jeffy
So Jeffy, why do you not want me to grow Jeffy?
You’re looking at the motherf*cking puppeteer, you don’t get to come up here, shut the f*ck up already
Alrighty. God almighty
Caught y’all body like a popped off shotty
Drop top popped and I just call shotty
Want some top so I just called shawty
Call somebody, call somebody
Y’all just talk, better call somebody
You not somebody
I’m awesome buddy
You got somebody
I got some buddies
We rollin’, I’m zonin’, I don’t know where my phone is
I call the shots
I killed the show, the promoter should owe me a bonus
Oh it is ultimate focus
Token the only opponent
Notice the flow it is so explosive it’s blowing a hole in the ocean like Moses
I don’t gotta go and provoke it they know that I’m sculpting the holiest omen
They just go off emotion
I just go through the motion
They call me the savior as if I don’t clearly know it
Mommy got married as Mary, daddy feel like Joseph
I might be the reason your label is busy
I only sign contract if presented on a titty
My future is the sun, son-of-a-bitch what they call me
But I ain’t no dog, dawg, you the one barking up the wrong tree
That is duly noted, ask ’em who to go with
I’m the next up in this, Massachusetts know it
So aware of it but no comparison
My path is new and open
Avenue is chosen
Got it sealed up like a package envelope is
That you’ll never open
Got ’em stopping, flopping, dropping, walking, jogging, running faster than the flow is
Young as hell but acting as the oldest.

I’m a creative in each way
I only chill with musicians and I only go on release dates
Holy Lord, oh for Pete’s sake. No, we are not affiliated
We are not intimate
We are not dating
I am just too intimidating
Think I’m amazing she think I’m the nicest
Think that I’m famous, I think that she like it
She calling everything lit
No baby, I’m articulate, you should try it
She said she met me at my headline show
I told her I don’t remember I meet many ho
Wonder what’s up in my mind when I be staring at ya
Look up in my pupils, you might have a slipup if you get it backwards
Plus I wash my hands before I take a piss instead of after
Gotta keep my shit clean, shit, I’m a successful rapper (yeah!)
None of ya’ll can pedal faster
I ain’t got my license baby, but look at all these pussy rappers
I drive ’em crazy
When my shit drop and it gets harder and harder to bite
And if you think I’m talking ’bout you, you’re probably already right, oh
That’s a shame, talking shit, bashing names
But when I’m next to you, why you don’t act the same?
That’s a shame, shameful shame
You a bitch, ain’t a thang
I might get under your skin, if you use my name in vane.

Okay let’s do it
Bet a mothaf*cka really gonna be looking stupid
Whenever they telling me they can do better but then I pull up to it like motherf*cker do it
Everyone knew it, you ain’t never gonna blow and you blew it
I can’t believe it
You don’t really want it, you want it to happen, that’s what a fantasy is
A fan’ll see it
A fan of me is a fan of meaning
I’m finally meeting everybody in the city
Looking at all of the women like “pretty pretty” so gimme, gimme
Gimme everything in your pocket, the wallet
Maybe I’ll be splitting it 50-50
Maybe I don’t, but you gotta forgive me
Come in and get me
I’m in the condominium
If the condom medium I don’t get it to fit me
I’m playing
Just saying, it gon’ take a while for me not to be the man
That boy so arrogant, he arrogant
I’m growing up a little that’s apparent to my parents
Put you into the scope, that’s a terrorist on a terrace
I’m super super dope
That’s a heroine on heroin
You know how much I can do that?
You know how much I surrender?
You know how much I can play with words like you play with thoughts of what I can do better?
They want me like this forever
You got a misconception of what bars are and I ain’t tryna die in your cellar
Thank youuu.
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Patty Cake – Token lyrics
patty cake - Token
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