Painted houses – Lloyd Banks lyrics

Lyrics Painted houses – Lloyd Banks

Painted houses lyrics
I don’t expect peasants to recognize greatness
You used to riddles future zeroes
Where I’m from make it out you a superhero
You droppin’ shit like the Irishmen new and improve De Niro
Me and my baby against this crooked world gotta .. earlobes
One in a billion with this feeling right product could move like a scarecrow
You simple rappers could never face .. I got that ‘je na sais quoi’
I hit the interstate hard hop in the Benz and say ahh
You callin’ them bodies uh forensics say “Nah”
What would you do when fickle niggas break fly?
Dipped on the game and say “Bye”
Hangover houndin’ me from last night’s glory
I’m in new machinery sporty gettin’ smacked like corny
Make sure I’m careful I don’t need no copper flashlights on me
Been here before feel like my past life haunts me
Dog I’ve been ..
.. ass OG
Miracle man strap shorty
Two many slabs of currency smuggle the bands back for me
Them traffic extracurricular fold the windows
Come the mornin’ people catch blue c-notes do a creshendo
.. from intro
My shooters shoot off the mental
Ain’t no maybes or misteps if I crossed a line then I meant to (Right)
Nigga movin’ on your boys a unicorn beyond the human strong
.. twenty plus years fuck it I pooped so long
Four-thirty the truth is born and true performed
Goin’ soon as recrutements might heard you recordings
Wish I can roof ya songs
I’m buggin’ or this new generation is misdirected?
Break ’em all apart don’t .. my style .. with the disinfectant
Hoodie on I’m heat protected
Hitman in the flippin’ necklace
For the record this the ..
Hit the gossip .. the type-type who even cares?
Nigga I been sick I do these mics like ..
My studio sessions turn to fright night goonies appear
I’m right back on the pedal OG white nights ..
Them people pitchin’ you hope
I never been opened to listenin’
King of mindin’ my business the goat with the social distancin’
Rookies ain’t build the go rounds cocky with no conditionin’
And bitchin’ your vocal pitchin’ ghostwriters this flow suspicion
Run up on ’em bust a move baow spend it like new addition
Hit this .. religiously diamond dot on my crucifixions

[Verse 2: Vado]
Everyone claimin’ they pop pistols
‘Til the opps get you as soon as it’s not with you
And blow you like scars tissue
Cleanin’ up the room when these brooms and these mops hit you
Wrist bright stick you for ice like popsicle
Them fellas rowdy I’m from where the weather cloudy
Where rappers bump this shit .. than Teddy Riley
I’ve been the guy on the block street Berretta ..
Point game come through the lane you better foul me
Forever score my shooters are ..
When playin’ with pelicans we hit with .. (Tell ’em)
Only thing definite is gettin’ the feds involved
I’m tellin’ y’all they had niggas writtin’ to tell it all
Back to the .. like we don’t count it we weigh it
.. like Frank Sharon a bunch of houses I paint it
The hunnid thousands I made it
The couple ounces I gave it (I gave it)
I ain’t land everywhere but some project housin’ I’m favorite (I know)
They just snatched my OG but he innocent
Trunk full of coco was OT in the genesis (Mike)
I move solo and lowkey like I’m different
Still grab the .40 like OE I’m a menace still
I ain’t the askin’ type
You got a bag you don’t ask the price
Bullets tuck you in kiss your ass goodnight
My nigga Pool caught a massive bite
They bit him in his ass where the hunnid fast
Like he asked for life
I’m on your block what y’all trappin’ like? (What’s up?)
Every corner it’s red dot on the pole like a traffic light
We fuck bad bitches for braggin’ rights
The bitch I had tonight made me work for it almost had to wife
Keep it AC when it’s fire
CT to AC it’s eight keys in the tire
Don’t thank me I’m retired
If we talkin’ Franklins quite frankly we ..
Ain’t tryna lose I’m like “What I gotta prove?”
Corona virus got me movin’ like Howard Hughes
A lotta dudes that’s part fool was ..
Make sure every watch comin’ in plain like tattoo
911 white seat pipin’ .. blue
Carolina shoe MJ’s from ’92
No monkey bars these guns swing will slide through
When I ride through bitches assume like ..

Painted houses

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Painted houses – Lloyd Banks lyrics
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