Ou te baba – Ahzee & Twinns lyrics

Lyrics Ou te baba – Ahzee & Twinns

Ou te baba lyrics
I’ve been alone for a while, despite
It’s been a long time I’ve seen you right
said , a woman is not here to fight
I’m sick of everyone who comes along
Everytime I found one, they take a run
I’m not the problem, It’s love- I guess I got a tone
i told you, playing me like a list is never fun!
What is it you want? but I never forced you- (without a gun).
You never face!-
Whatever you’re feeling even if im the one one one
what’s your mission?
Elevate your piece of mind mind mind.

yea! you are on my mind.
why your love is so blind.
why are you running around.

Ou té, ou té, ou té baba oh (x3)
Where’s your love.
Find your love

I’m looking for the feeling you use to have for me,
the oneÉ s that made me believe you were my ride or die.
And why do I see you with another girl? Oh no no no no no no no.

When I don’t know where you’re going or if you’re alone,
it feels like rum, burning like fire while sliding down my throat.

I saw it coming, but I didn’t believe that
one day your heart would run away from me

Pound the alarm!
Ring it, loudly so he hears it well!

Pound the alarm!
Release the lions!
Got you trapped in the corner of my minddd

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Ou te baba – Ahzee & Twinns lyrics
Ou te baba - Ahzee & Twinns
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