One dolla – Young Nudy lyrics

Lyrics One dolla – Young Nudy

One dolla lyrics
Okay your pack just landed, they calling me a crash dummy
Wrap this fucking nigga like a mummy dummy, yeah
Yeah okay, yeah okay, yeah okay, yeah okay
Licks on tops of licks, moves on tops of moves
Juggs on top of juggs, nigga just bring them tools
Tools on top of tools, yeah jugg, gotta wipe him out
We gon wipe them out, we gon x them out
He ain’t what we on, they ain’t what we on, gang gang
I be on some gang, nigga you ain’t gang
Nigga we slaying, fuck you think, fuck you gang
Cross you out, give a fuck bout your stain
Real big homie, fuck big homie, no big homie
Gang members only, PDE only
Y’all niggas ain’t gang, fuck you homie
Shootin up that, gotta take that, run off with dat
Nigga ain’t with that, take off your pack
Nigga you a bitch nigga, turn into a rat
Yeah go splat this, go splat that, rat-a-tat-tat
Fully automatic Glock in my hoodie
Stick in my bag, where them niggas at?
I’m with this, you ain’t with that
I’m bout that, you ain’t bout this
You ain’t bout that, pull this grip on you, bouta bust your ass
Yeah I got the 30, he got the 30, everybody 730
I’m so blood, he’s so blood, still cross out bloods
I’m so slimey, slime so grimey
I be crossing niggas out
Same nigga tryna hang around my house
Damn I can’t help it, yeah
Giving these niggas the blues
Nigga I been in these streets
Nigga been putting niggas really on the news
Back in the days don’t wanna hear about it
All these niggas really talk about
Nigga really really live about it
Nigga I really been about it
Nigga better ask somebody
Nigga better know somebody
Nigga I kill somebody
Nigga been itching for a body
Lately I been going crazy
Thinking I be thinking crazy
Nigga I been thinking crazy
Nigga I been thinking shady
Nigga I don’t know what I’m thinking, I don’t

I don’t know what I’m thinking, oh
Late nights I be clutching homie
I ain’t really straight with no body
I don’t really fuck with no body
Really don’t hang with nobody
You know me I’m a loner, yeah
Tryna catch your bitch on my boner
Blowing big blunts I’m a stoner
When it get done motherfucker I’m a loner
Hell yeah that bitch
I just be passing these bitches
I don’t be cuffing these bitches
I just be fucking all these bitches
I just give hoe the stitches
I just be cutting bitches outtt
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One dolla – Young Nudy lyrics
One dolla - Young Nudy
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