On the top – Jinjer lyrics

Lyrics On the top – Jinjer

On the top lyrics
Unsatisfied need makes you push forward
Greed, striving for its reward
Like a racer on the mark, you burn your rubber
Like a starving shark looking for its supper
You run, run, run, run, run
Until it makes no sense
Your feet are sore but you’re still running
For accomplishment
In this eternal marathon for success
Another day, another dollar, undying motto of success

Slowly to the tooop
Is it lonely on the tooop?

Is it lonely on the tooop?
Ah, tell me, is there anyone for you?
(For you, for you)
Is it lonely on the tooop?
Ah, tell me, is there anyone for you?
(For you, for you)

The lane is overcrowded
But the tooop is just for one
While the one is climbing
The rest are falling down
You climb, climb, climb, climb, climb
But the tooop is rising too
The track is getting longer
And it’s leading to your tomb
You’re not afraid to lose your mind
In the name of profit
Red ribbon is the finish
And the finish in the coffin

Is it lonely on the tooop?
Ah, tell me, is there anyone for you?
(For you, for you)
Is it lonely on the tooop?
Ah, tell me, is there anyone for you?
(For you, for you)

Who ran beside is left behind
Begging for help on his knees
Begging for help in tears
He whom you’ve started with, oh

The weak stepped aside, losers are crying

The weak stepped aside, losers are crying
The defeated will live in pain
You hit the tooop

No surprise
But who will give you the prize?

It’s a race against yourself
Nobody else will meet you thereee

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Jinjer lyrics

11.10.19 US – Cleveland, OH / The Winchester *SOLD OUT*
12.10.19 US – Cincinnati, OH / Riverfront Theater
13.10.19 US – Pittsburgh, PA / Crafthouse *SOLD OUT*
15.10.19 US – Indianapolis, IN / The Vogue
16.10.19 US – Angola, IN / The Eclectic Room
18.10.19 US – Columbus, OH / Al Rosa Villa *SOLD OUT*
19.10.19 US – Flint, MI / Machine Shop *SOLD OUT*
20.10.19 US – Grand Rapids, MI / Elevation @ Intersection
22.10.19 US – Chicago, IL / Bottom Lounge
23.10.19 US – Belvidere, IL / Apollo Theater
24.10.19 US – Waterloo, IA / Spicoli´s Reverb – Live Music and Bar Arcade
25.10.19 US – Iowa City, IA / Wildwood Smokehouse
26.10.19 US – Racine, WI / Route 20
27.10.19 US – Minneapolis, MN / Turf Club *SOLD OUT*
29.10.19 US – Calgary, AB / Dickens *SOLD OUT*
30.10.19 CA – Edmonton, AB / Starlite
31.10.19 CA – Vancouver, BC / The Rickshaw Theater
01.11.19 US – Seattle, WA / El Corazon *SOLD OUT*
02.11.19 US – Portland, OR / Hawthorne Theatre *SOLD OUT*

special guest: THE AGONIST

08.11. – KIEV (UA) Bingo ++
09.11. – WARSAW (PL) Hybrydy *SOLD OUT*
10.11. – WROCLAW (PL) Zaklete Rewiry *UPGRADE*
12.11. – DRESDEN (DE) Beatpol
13.11. – PRAGUE (CZ) MeetFactory *UPGRADE*
14.11. – BERLIN (DE) Lido *SOLD OUT*
15.11. – COPENHAGEN (DK) Pumpehuset *SOLD OUT*
16.11. – HANNOVER (DE) Musikzentrum *SOLD OUT*
17.11. – HAMBURG (DE) Knust *SOLD OUT*
19.11. – ESCH-ALZETTE (LU) Kulturfabrik
20.11. – FRANKFURT (DE) Das Bett *SOLD OUT*
21.11. – LEIPZIG (DE) Hellraiser
22.11. – ANNABERG-BUCHHOLZ (DE) Alte Brauerei
23.11. – COLOGNE (DE) Gebäude 9 *SOLD OUT*
24.11. – BOCHUM (DE) Zeche *SOLD OUT*
26.11. – AMSTERDAM (NL) Q-Factory *SOLD OUT*
27.11. – EINDHOVEN (NL) Dynamo *SOLD OUT*
28.11. – ANTWERP (BE) Zappa *SOLD OUT*
29.11. – LONDON (UK) Heaven *SOLD OUT*
30.11. – BIRMINGHAM (UK) Asylum *SOLD OUT*
01.12. – NEWCASTLE (UK) University *UPGRADE*
03.12. – MANCHESTER (UK) Academy 2 *SOLD OUT*
04.12. – BRISTOL (UK) Thekla *SOLD OUT*
06.12. – PARIS (FR) La Machine *SOLD OUT*
07.12. – ANNEMASSE (FR) Château Rouge
08.12. – TOULOUSE (FR) Le Rex *SOLD OUT*
10.12. – MURCIA (ES) Garaje
11.12. – MADRID (ES) Mon
12.12. – BARCELONA (ES) Salamandra *UPGRADE*
13.12. – TOULON (FR) Omega Live
14.12. – MILAN (IT) Legend Club *SOLD OUT*
15.12. – ZÜRICH (CH) Dynamo
16.12. – MUNICH (DE) Backstage Werk
18.12. – GRAZ (AT) Dom im Berg
19.12. – WIEN (AT) Simm City *UPGRADE*
20.12. – ZAGREB (HR) Tvornica Kulture *UPGRADE*
21.12. – BRATISLAVA (SK) Majestic
22.12. – BUDAPEST (HU) Barba Negra
++ w/ The Agonist only


05.03. – Max Watts, Melbourne
06.03. – Manning, Sydney

On the top – Jinjer lyrics
On the top - Jinjer
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