Off the top – Lil Tjay lyrics

Lyrics Off the top – Lil Tjay

Off the top lyrics
I be praying from the heart
Off the top like it’s easy
Just was on the block (pow pow)
This ain’t ..
I be spending five every drop
It’s a ..
Still rock wit’ y’all
Feel the opps
Fuck a ..
.. got me wheezy
I just drop a wheezy

I just want see my .. here to believe me
.. on my wee-wee
Bitches that’s on TV
You ain’t never turned a blue check to a skeezy
I can’t wife you E E
I need me a good bitch
Showing all my love on
I ain’t fiending for no hood bitch
Chains and this .. shit
I still be on my hood shit
But now I know that’s one of .. make me hood rich
I need me a Bentley
Free that nigga Gilly
Opps straight bitch niggas thinking that they ..
Real niggas silly
Pop ’em like a willy
.. foot like it’s hillyyy

off the top

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Off the top – Lil Tjay lyrics
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