Off my mind – AZIZI Gibson lyrics

Lyrics Off my mind – AZIZI Gibson

Off my mind lyrics
(Don’t want to feel you don’t want you on my mind)
I’m not gonna lie
We probably live in the most toxic era that this world has ever seen

[Verse 1]
Man you niggas smack
Fuck is y’all niggas on crack
I mean do you but this how you really won’t act
Had to be the nigga that’s (..) but i miss the president being black
Niggas in the back like facts
Weaving tracks in the back like fax
The inner city’s going through a test I’m just trying to let you know
And I really want to make your mind grow
Not point in dying I never loose hope
I know this shit hurts i know
But i promise that the answer ain’t dope
Listen up please look close
We got all the tools we need now it’s time to let these fuck niggas know

[Chorus: Azizi Gibson Johnny Venus]
Distractions on the TV they might kill you (See they gon’ kill me)
My watch is telling me .. the world is tilting (The world is tilting)
They even got the nerve to say we guilty (to say we guilty)
I see why you must break and hit the kill switchhh

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Off my mind – AZIZI Gibson lyrics
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