Off – DaBaby lyrics

Lyrics Off – DaBaby

Off lyrics
Took the backend and bought a scat pack and some sticks
Just to shoot at a nigga in dips
Why he walkin’ like that? I got in with my glick
So please don’t start grabbing my dick
Be done let that bitch off
He try me I’ma set this bitch off
She givin’ me her lil’ neck and her top
I fuck her with protection no raw
I make a section like that’s where I’m from
They want me to come check ’em but nah
Come take a look at my neck it’s all froze
I went back with a mask and I’m whippin’ the sauce
I cut off your ho with this bitch
We get lit we might set off alarms in this bitch
I’m spazzin’ out while I’m out far with this shit
Fuck around miss a show fuck around switch a ho no relations and shit
I get mind and I go I need mine in her throat
Ask her mama she know in her basement I hit her daughter the other day
I had to record it she wasn’t bae

Shoutout to my lawyer another case
It’s best it was quick they got on delay
And my Spanish I love to call “Baby mama”
So I’m tryna fuck her mama on Mother’s Day
I had thirty-two pounds where my brother stay
Sold a business so quick they ain’t notice
Gettin’ head from your bitch in my whip watch my scene
Chew down way too much spit when she chokin’
We ain’t closin’ down shit bitch we open
We 24 hours like Walmart
I slang this thing on like a ballbag
We knockin’ they ass out the ballpark (Ha)
What you call that? That’s a home run
How he want beef with me? Ain’t got no gun
When I hop out this G nigga don’t run
Nigga talkin’ they sweet they ain’t no fun
Bring your ass up the street like I want some
Nigga talkin’ on IG they ain’t done nothin’
I’m fuckin’ that ho from the backkk


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Off – DaBaby lyrics
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