Notifications – Chris lyrics

Lyrics Notifications – Chris

Notifications lyrics
Notifications keep popping up oweee
She tryna fuck for a followback owee
When you like my pic leave a comment or two
If you see me in person want know what to do
Hard working man but I don’t rock the suit
I am so hot like I am straight out the soup
Car lost it’s top now I’m out the roof
Pull up on yo bitch she tryna get scoop (x2)

My diamonds water yo shit it evaporate
That’s yo bitch well you gonna be sad today
I live like everyday is a holiday
And today is take a nigga bitch saturdays
She like my pic say she like how I rap and shit
I double tap to let her know I’ll slap on it
She send emojis, guess what;s coming right after it
Ass up, face down, like you practiced it
Yo bitch is cute so I had to recruiter
You not a winner, you the opposite loser
You gotta chill and have a good sense of humor
Cause tea pages always spreading rumors
Why you mad cause I am taking these trips
Or because my pockets filled with blue strips
Betta’ watch yo girl the drop top gotta licking her lips
Hoes in my dm, tryna get to know me
Main bitch tweakin’ so I left her by her lonely

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Notifications – Chris lyrics
Notifications - Chris
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