No regrets – Smoke DZA lyrics

Lyrics No regrets – Smoke DZA

No regrets lyrics
Don’t give a fuck about your story, ..
Nigga fresh to death like I just came out the gala
Instruct my little homies with some work like I’m their parent
.., put the pussy on a platter, rather
Often, flossing never get exhausting
Marathoning till I’m all in
Or the
I know the hustlers
Took a
She talking like a ventriloquist

[Chorus: Smoke DZA]
Sprinkle some baguettes

[Verse 2: DOM KENNEDY]
It’s deeper than rap
Black on black
I’m too bossy, bitch, get off me
Who you know
Decades later
And a sports
Your favorite girl
I got the Stussy
Shoutout my brother Nipsey Hussle before I leave

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No regrets – Smoke DZA lyrics
No regrets - Smoke DZA
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