No government – Dax lyrics

Lyrics No government – Dax

No government lyrics
I prayed to god one time
But he didn’t talk back
Took the words that I was praying and I put em in raps
Writing scriptures with these words this shits biblical pad
That’s Man made like the Bible I was reading in class
They told me stories bout the dude they said the nigga was white, I did my reasearch found out that that shit wasn’t right, And now I’m searching for the truth along with meaning of life, perpetuating on the darkness while I’m shedding the light

There’s No government is this a reward or a punishment, section 8 housing who’s funding it? democratic nigga or republican
that shit don’t even matter cuz the winners never even really running it, how the country to functioning? TSA lines with a gun it, I pray to touchdown we eint punting it, make us choose sides who you fucking wit, shit a track meet and we about to see who you really running with

You with,
the people or the evil?
divided or the equal?
beginning or the sequel?
illegal or the legal?
The truth or the deceitful?
The War or the peaceful?
with the calm or the lethal?
All gas this diesal
I be spitting the truth
Manifested education from the time of my youth
Graduated from the basement I was living the proof
Molesting beats like a reveran when he step in a school
The Government
Man made, and self paid, land of the free but the home to many slaves, health care for free? Naw nigga we second grade , then watch our people die when the bills go unpaid, it’s concave, not it in good hands no ALLSTATE. Make us great again? That nigga threw that ball fake, now the shit in shambles what the fuck do they all say? Kick that nigga out! We been saying that all day!

“I heard the country at “RAW” spelt backwards
Maybe it’s a lie and they payed for “Google AdWords”
Picked the word Division man thats gotta be password
Dividing demographics deviated by our cash worth
They Got the country face down they gon’ hit the ass first, no condom beating up the country till her ass hurt
Maybe they should ask her
Instead of trying to pass her
How to fix the problem and not kill the bitch Faster

Listen no government is soon to cause cause suffering, I wrote this rap to double up the coverage. This shit eint McDonald’s you cant feed me all this bullshit then expect me to start screaming that I’m really fucking loving it because if no one is governing while poverty is hovering its sure to cause a war within a country I eint stuttering.
I give this shit a couple month before people get to shooting I’ll stay loaded like downloaded movie stay buffering.
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No government – Dax lyrics
No government - Dax
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