No evidence – Teejayx6 lyrics

Lyrics No evidence – Teejayx6

No evidence lyrics
I can see why nobody buy my fuckin’ albums
‘Cause every song I hop on I talk about scamming
They heard me rappin’ off beat and everybody started laughin’
When you listen to my music don’t expect no high standards
Thought I left no evidence shit I might not be that brilliant
I buy my bitch cheap weed she don’t never get Brazilian
Left the oven on overnight and burnt down my apartment building
I don’t got no money for shit so I be in the store stealing
Shot myself in the leg I’m a complete fucking idiot
My sister got a hair shop I be stealing from her clients
They keep killing black people so we causing all these riots
I’m only 18 years old and I’m thinking ’bout retirement
Dropped another trash song but they said I can’t miss
Got an infection in my penis right now I can’ttt

No evidence

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No evidence – Teejayx6 lyrics
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