No chorus pt. 11 – Blocboy Jb lyrics

Lyrics No chorus – Blocboy Jb

Hah, Tay Keith (word)
Tika-tika-tika-tika-tika-Tay Keith (Tay Keith)
I just pulled up with a chopper (hah), you got a three-eighty (word)
Leave a nigga fired if a nigga ever pay me, hey
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up
Live, live, bitch I’m too live (word)
Bitch I’m smokin’ big blunts, y’all niggas smoke two-five (that’s on my mama)
Two-fives, what’s a two-five to a three-five? (a three-five?)
Two guys, what’s a two guys to a three guys?
(Blocboy Jb – No chorus)

Yeah bitch, this no Chorus, Pt. 11 (Part 11)
Draw down with the gun like it’s double-oh-seven
Twirl a nigga, no baton, but I’ll use it as a weapon (get back)
Worrisome bitch up on my line, don’t stomp the yard, bitch get to steppin’ (to steppin’)
Nigga playin’, get jumped (get jumped)
Crank a nigga like the lumps
Headshot him with the pump
Now his brains gone
Ayy I’ll smack a nigga if he say my name wrong (say my name wrong)
I can’t trust these niggas, they be singin’, call ’em Trey Songz
Ayy, do you want to take a ride with me? (a ride with me?)
All I mean, chopper on the side of me (raow raow raow raow)
Ayy I stand for the block, it’s like a tribe to me (word)
And I’ll never switch up ’cause that’s the pride in me (that’s on my mama)
Hey, all we do is rob
Catch an opp late night, bust him at his car
‘Cause I caught him at the red light (the red light)
Ayy come hit the headlight (the headlight)
Them niggas they scared, right? (they scared)
Fell in love with the forty, we some newlyweds right? (yeah we married)
Aw, no, they don’t get it though (no no)
On my Chris Brown shit, my money stackin’ wall to wall (wall to wall)
When I went to school, made the team, but I ain’t play the ball (never played it)
Man I act a fool with them things, I up and spray at y’all (boom)
BlocBoy be the fuckin’ player (player)
If you with me, put your fuckin’ hands in the air (in the air)
I’ma shock the world but I ain’t ever use a taser (use a taser)
You was the V, now you’re G, boy you traitor (twist up, ayy)
I’ma pull off in the ‘Vette (skrrt, skrrt)
My nigga my left hand, but he on the right with the TEC
Dump at your car, leave it wet (huh?)
You was so scared that you fucked around and had a wreck
BlocBoy the preacher, you blessed (blessed)
I was in school with the work in my desk (the desk)
I had the tabs and the perc for the less (what you want?)
Sell me too much then your ass will get stretched (I need all that)
Get down, yeah you know the MO (the MO)
My money long like a limo (limo), your shit short like demos (huh)
My pockets fat like a hippo, forty on my hip though (yeah yeah yeah)
Hit the club, shot six fours, no lie it was lit though (lit, lit, lit)
Ayy, yeah it’s time for everybody to rock with me (rock with me)
If you think that you gon’ kill me, you gon’ lay down and drop with me (die ho)
Sayin’ BlocBoy is a ho, that’s like sayin’ the cops with me (the cops with me)
Twenty-five for a bow, ayy lil nigga come shop with me (shop with me)
Get your money up
We don’t do no leg shots, we shoot the stomach up (the stomach up)
And we gon’ bend your bitch down until her tummy tuck (until her tummy tuck)
Cuz put the tommy up (put that down cuz)
We Bloc Nation, everybody know we keep them guns with us.

Fuck wrong with y’all niggas?
Y’all niggas stupid
Ayy, fuck that, ayy Lil Lee, come finish these niggas off Lil Lee, ayy
Yeah, ayy man, say man, yeah man
Every time Tay Keith get on this motherfucker he gon’ fuck ’em up again and again man
And Bloc gon’ keep makin’ play after play man
And if you hatin’, suck it easy bitch, fuck you talkin’ ’bout?
Yeah man, Glock Nation, Bloc Nation
If you hatin’ get the Glock Nation, bitch,
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No chorus pt. 11 – Blocboy Jb lyrics
No chorus - Blocboy Jb

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