Never cared – G Herbo lyrics

Lyrics G Herbo – Never cared

Before I leave the house I pack a bag
Couple grams of OG.. and my latest Mag
Plus I’m dripping swag
Nigga get in your bag
Buy my bitch designer then get mad she don’t ever wear it
All my friends are dead
I never cared
My block is on the red
Reds on. We ain’t never cared
Shoot niggas in the head, we never scared
Been on your block a few times, and you was never there
You see me right there, now I’m everywhere
I been making all this money so I’m everywhere
Fuck around and stacked up 50 a month, since February
Fuck around and take 250 and stunt for when I never had it
Definitely when a nigga had it, all my niggas had it
Know these ratchet bitches begging
Who suck your dick the fastest?
New M6, who get the fastest?
Imma just put this in Sport and fly past them
I had the pasto feel like I got asthma
And bitch I fuck in Miami a dancer
My bitch gon get nasty anyway… I don’t gotta ask her
She gon come pull me to fuck in the bathroom
Slide in the room at the party and smash it
Slide I might get the top while in traffic
I don’t even really fuck on the mattress
My girl look like a girl that likes girls
3 gz for designer ..

Kids fucked up
Roll up
Rep yo shit
Throw it up
What you drinking ?
Pour it up
.. going up
You threw it up
Cause you drunk as fuck
What the fuck
Tell her I wanna fuck, she know wasup
Yo bitch get tore up
She want another cup
You with that shit or what?
You gon do this or what?

Bitch you nutts
I just hit my blunt
What the fuck, bitch you lil dirty slut
All I used to give a fuck was dirty cups
Sipping on that act I fucked off 30 bucks
And I helped the hi tech plug run it up
Spent my last on codeine, I was dumb as fuck
Lean had me so sleep sometimes I ain’t wanna fuck
Had to quit that shit because I love to fuck
Definition of a sex junky I take drugs to fuck
Give her a bean watch how she turn into a dancer machine
Fresh on the scene, she wanna fuck cause I’m in that McQueen
Heard 2 stacks for the jacket
Straight off the racket, and a rack for the jeans
I was on .. with ratchets in my jacket
You know what’s rocking with me
I’ve just been racking up 20s and 30s and shows like a racking machine
When you gon get with that rocket, you know what’s gon happen
We clapping the scene
We ain’t with the dissin’ and rappin, you know what’s gon happen
We clapping your team
Ride with the team, in traffic with Beams
Rollin’ off Beans. You know what that means
Already masked up, when we pull over you know it’s a Green
Police know me already know not to ask nun
They already know I don’t know anythinggg.
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Never cared – G Herbo lyrics
never cared - g herbo
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