Neighborhood watch – NLE Choppa lyrics

Lyrics Neighborhood watch – NLE Choppa

Neighborhood watch lyrics
Walkups and then we stand over him and knock his top off
They know how we comin’
They know we spinnin’
They know how this shit get
On Grape

Bitch I run on a opp and I’m sleepin’ on ..
She givin’ me top while I’m clutchin’ the Glock
AR chop
Didn’t have a good look in her but a nigga still took that shot
Put one in the head
I smack him with the pistol left his forehead with a knot
Ride for my dawgs like ..
Try to run in and then both they ass get shot
Stretch me a bow and then stretch me a hoe
And then stretch me a opp right at the show
Few niggas came around me got popped
Them niggas wasn’t alright with the goat
Purple rags on the boat with my whole ..
Bitches pullin’ up on the low
.. boat he can go for the low
I told him three racks for this smoke
Glock in his face Imma see when he’s savage
And shootin’ that hoop bitch you know we ain’t havin’ it
Shot at the opp make that bitch hit the cabbage patch
Gave him a .. his clips started emptyin’
I’m in Sin City I’m sittin’ with ..
We flippin’ the bitches just me and my killers
Mamma and daughter they facin’ the ..
She suckin’ my dick while she callin’ her nigga
Gave him $20 but he did it for free
Better come correct you comin’ for me
We droppin’ bodies every day of the week

Got the neighborhood watch on the corner
Got the neighborhood smokin’ marijuana
I got the neighborhood watchin’ for the gun
And little do they know that I’m the one that’s gunnin’
On the low I’m the one that be causin’ violence
I be silent on the ..

Retaliation that’s a must
You bustin’ us Then you know he a dead man
Nigga ain’t spent on me
Nigga ain’t even got that much nuts
Would’ve got shot in the head but he ducked
If I miss a shot then I go make it up
Catch him on the rebound hunnid round goat
Momma say “stop” but the bullets they go
I shoot too much my fingers sore
They don’t needdd

Neighborhood watch

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Neighborhood watch – NLE Choppa lyrics
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