My head – J-Easy lyrics

Lyrics My head – J-Easy

My head lyrics
Wish people knew what went on in My head
All I know is most days man wish I Was dead
Understand this isn t what I wanted Instead
Want to trade it get a normal life get
Some some real sleep actually hit a Bed
Music is the place I go when I m Scared and see red
Don t be mad at me when i leave you On read
Gotta do for me that s what I said
I m not perfect and never will be it s Something I m learning
But do me dirty I m turning to a Fiend
Big hearted person but that comes With a price
Burdens of your kindness will kill Your
mental health and end your life
Sacrificing everything now ready to Roll the dice
Things that I say I have to do and Live
it twice to learn that price
Doesn t matter what anyone says I ll Never take that advice
Because I m striving to reach what I Think to be paradise
So with this pair of dice imma roll
And not think twice gotta to do what I think is right

Someone help me understand what s Going on in my head
In my head
Can anyone help me that s what I Said
What I said
Need help understanding what s in My head
In my head
I don t know
What s going on in my head

I feel-good like I m in my zone on My thrown
Doing this on my own I gotta know
If what I m doing is right tryin to Reach my milestone
But got shit stopping me on my way On this road
But none of you want this smoke
This ain t no joke
Keep goin and You ll get the next episode cause
I m Ready to explode
You know this is what I m use too
But I refuse to change is that abuse?
Neglecting myself and others has Been the excuse
No more I m tired and done I m Ready to improve
I want to move in the right direction
Not stressin what I see my Perception
just bothers me leaves me Guessing
Ready for my resurrection I want to Be molded into perfection
And I m Telling you this without any Question
Running from your problems will Never fix your depression
No matter how hard you cover it We ll always see that expression
That s why I m standing here Recording this song
having this session
Hopefully what I speak is teaching lessonsss

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My head – J-Easy lyrics
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