My ex – RiceGum lyrics

Lyrics My ex – RiceGum

My ex lyrics
Yeah she don’t never let me breathe
Posted up On the phone what you need
We got mean he pull up he got the lean
If she want I put dick inside her spleen
I’m on a mission I be doin’ anything now ayy
I can spend like twenty on a ring now yeah
If you see my wrists it’s all blinged out yeah
She said I’m a rapper but I sing now
I got a new boo
I took a trip out to Voodoo
This ain’t the life that you used to
I don’t even know you
I sip on like Pluto
I wish I never knew you
I fuck a bitch to who knew
Yeah you know I do that
Yeah you know I shoot back
Eye out the club bring two back
Eye out the club bring two
You can diamond test me
I know that they envy
We got a little frenzy
Bitches actin’ friendly
I know she got heart in her soul but it’s empty
I don’t wanna break yo’ heart
girl but don’t tempt me

Ayy I want it so I take it
She know the boys be fakin’
She don’t care that I’m famous
You know that I’m rockin’ the latest
I’m drippin’ down to the laces
The vibe changed when I came in
Just see the look on their faces ayy
Ballin’ like it’s 2K yeah
Man I swear too God I’m too paid yeah
Ayy what you gon’ do if I really come through
I count blues through YouTube
I ran up now I got lean in my cup
I got new tits now she askin’ for a butt
Logo from the back but I wanna see it from the front
Every girl want the same thing so tell me who do I trust Yeah yeah
Fake love fake stuff
She can be my side not my main stuff ayy
If I hit your bitch we didn’t train her
Get so high I don’t ever wanna wake uppp

my ex

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My ex – RiceGum lyrics
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