Mucky James – Tory Lanez lyrics

Lyrics Mucky James – Tory Lanez

Mucky James lyrics
I’m startin’ to give like zero fucks ’bout how it’s goin’
They try to blackball me for money but I ain’t goin’ out
I told myself I’ll stop this bullshit and not speak up more
I had to go through way more bullshit **** door
And these bitches tried to play me out
like they ain’t know my name, yeah, uh
I was at a high in my career
you think I’d come out here and ****
And if you think I’d do that shit, you on some stupid shit
I don’t need to do that shit, my Haitian hoes gon’ woo a
I can’t lie temporarily that bitch came and ruin shit
They can’t believe I’m back poppin’, I’m out here doin’ shit
Hey, Tory, stop talking ’bout it, I wish I could but dawg
I’m only human, sometimes that shit be gettin’ to me
Not one of them niggas that be fakin’ what he feeling, I’m
gon’ talk about it
Meek Mill, he used to be my dawg, he did some flaw shit to me
(Too legit)
And when I brought it up, lil’ cuh wouldn’t even talk about
Ain’t beefin’ with you cuh, I swear I’m more hurt than
I’m at this point in life where I don’t stress the petty
When all these racks on my finger, they look like wedding

Sometimes I think ’bout Kehlani and how we ended things
When I express myself I know that I can choose my words lil’
But I’m back out to the wall, you know the world against me
When your back against to the world, you just lose all
See the room full of smiles and know they all against you
But as long as you don’t die, what make you strong, don’t
kill you
They tried to have me locked down in the ground offenses
Flyin’ private through the sky now with all my niggas (Too
Momma, you in Heaven, pray for me
‘Cause I ain’t never had so many fuck niggas out here hate me
Like I ain’t never had so many people out here playin’ me
I put these billboards in their city, just so they can see me
Just let my dawg just hold the Rolls, so he can drive it, uh
Been thinkin’ a lot ’bout Trina lately, I owe you twenty/20
Been havin’ the world all on my shoulders, but I ain’t forget
about you
You held me down when I most needed, now I make plenty M’s

I’ll soon call up Rolls Royce and tell ’em, “Ship it out
2-22, two Maybach bought, that shit three hunnid thousand
5-40, next day on that Culli’, man, I’m fuckin’ wildin’
Lil’ Sammie Sam, the only chick out here that didn’t doubt me
She can find myself at her apartment when my vision clouded
‘Cause I be needin’ something real
And I can’t be around it if that shit ain’t gon’ be genuine
Feelin’ like I’m 50, dawg, I’m hated on by many men (Too
Never hurt a bitch but you fuck niggas I’ll kill any them
And I ain’t playin’, I’m one hunnid M’s
Ain’t no Twitter cancel culture, could make me bring it in
If we talkin’ cancel culture, dawg, that shit don’t even
Just look at me, bitch, I can a be a witness, haha, yeah,
Oh no
Oh, oh-oh, no
So tell ’em I’m gettin’ to that point where I don’t give a
fuckkk(Mucky James lyrics)

Mucky James – Tory Lanez lyrics
Mucky James - Tory Lanez
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