Monica – Flatbush Zombies lyrics

Lyrics Monica – Flatbush Zombies

Monica lyrics
You know the fuckin’ vibes
You know the fuckin’ vibes nigga
We smokin’ dope with Joey shit
Nigga you know the fucking vibes pussy
Spliff vibes yeah I mean
You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout my niggas?
You see the fuckin’ vibes man
We got boats out here man
You see the fuckin’ vibes man

[Verse 1: Erick the Architect]
Only rapper makin’ beats since seventeen my nigga
They thought FBZ was just Juice and Meech my nigga
Never did it hurt my soul or self-esteem my nigga
But that shit weak my nigga they still sleep my nigga
Even from a wheelchair I rap with such ease my nigga
Way better than rappers standin’ on two feet my nigga
Surgery right after tour I feel elite my nigga
Now I’m right back with the squad I’ll never leave my nigga
World tour how we payin’ while you leasin’ my nigga?
Copped the crib before a chain but I had reason my nigga
Ain’t no tattoos on my frame but my mark leaving my nigga
You never see me my nigga my whole team is my niggas
Treatin’ me like 222 has been my number my nigga
That’s two albums self-produced and yet they wonder my nigga
Billboard toppin’ independent we still under my nigga
You know my body we just vibin’ on the grind with my niggas

[Chorus: Tech N9ne]
Anybody want smoke? We got it
But if it’s smoke from beef you won’t know who shot it (No-oh)
You know the vibes in this bitch nobody tries to come hit
Got figures (Got figures) my niggas

[Verse 2: Zombie Juice]
You know the vibes I’m a motherfuckin’ king my nigga
Hate all you want you never be me my nigga
Woke up feelin’ blessed ’cause I’m me my nigga
Team supreme and the flow is just elite my nigga
Smoked every strain before it hit the streets my nigga
Hair dyed before the SoundCloud scene my nigga
Before you blink my nigga I’m overseas my nigga
And bitches fucked with me when I ain’t have a thing my nigga
These rappers lucky better stay up in your lane my nigga
Zombie Gang my nigga helped change the game my nigga
Brought the flame when niggas hate it our name got bigger
Independent you chasin’ checks and the fame my nigga
Better yet you chasin’ bitches you lame my nigga
Hit up Eliantte watch my diamonds sing my nigga
From the ‘Bush made it out do my thing my nigga
No father taught myself the motherfuckin’ game my nigga

[Chorus: Tech N9ne]
Anybody want smoke? We got it
But if it’s smoke from beef you won’t know who shot it (No-oh)
You know the vibes in this bitch nobody tries to come hit
Got figures (Got figures) my niggas (My niggas)

[Verse 3: Meechy Darko]
Look at us we over here on album three my nigga
Remember when this shit was just a dream my nigga
They ain’t believe my nigga
They probably thought that shit wouldn’t last a week my nigga
Last laugh ha-ha I’m fuckin’ weak my nigga
Still here seven years fuckin’ deep my nigga
Used to sell these t-shirts on the street my nigga
Same tees my nigga made me a quarter milli’ last week my nigga
Remember me? My team supreme my nigga
She 5’5″ but her throat 6’3″ my nigga
Don’t see me for Xannies or that lean my nigga
‘Cause every night she fuck me to sleep my nigga
Paranoia started fuckin’ with my Z’s my nigga
This shit is deep my nigga
To the point where I don’t trust me my nigga
Black magic my speeches part seas my nigga
Black casket go ahead and sleep my nigga
Count sheep my nigga
Now you’re six feet deep my nigga
Never was my nigga nigga

[Verse 4: Tech N9ne]
Carry the piece my nigga I’m finna release my nigga
Because these social-media murderers talkin’ beef my nigga
I’m a beast my nigga I’m ’bout to teach my niggas
Through my anonymous link I show up on your street my nigga
I’d rather be on herb oil and kief my nigga
Than comin’ off the throne tryna defeat my niggas
I’m a chief my nigga I can help you eat my nigga
So why when it come to me you scammin’ plannin’ deceit my nigga? (Come on)
They comin’ for me because I’m the one gettin’ the dough (Fly spitter)
They actin’ like back in the day I ain’t used to be poor (Why bitter?)
So if they ever come up to me and trip on my show (My trigger)
Then let it blow (Die quicker) they’re gonna know (My nigga)
Computer bangin’ and shit yo that’s wuss my nigga
Do that but never ever come where crack’s cooked my nigga
You that shook my nigga in fact look my nigga
The gat pushed stack kush with Flatbush my nigga

[Outro: Tech N9ne]
Anybody want smoke? We got ittt

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Monica – Flatbush Zombies lyrics
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