Misunderstood – Lil Tjay lyrics

Lyrics Misunderstood – Lil Tjay

Misunderstood lyrics
Told ’em I’m the greatest homie as long ’til I prove it
Life been rough from the start tired of losin’
They slept on me but they ain’t peep how I was movin’
Now I’m headed to the top steady grovin’
All this fake love so confusing
Still on gang bitch no conclusion
My heart been hurt now how my gang cut away
True to my brothers rep that gang everyday
I was stressin’ in that cell
I remember when they locked me up
.. just tryna get my pockets up
Tryna flip my new pack on the block they nice they coppin’ out
Careful in that field ain’t no tellin’ when they poppin’ out
Glock told me hold onto stuff
Know my chain know my watch is tucked
My Glock is tucked .. when broski popped you out
I know he would everybody lyin’ shawty I know he good
Trenches we say try a show we a lonely hood
Dirty of the Zaza off of the Gigi
I be smokin’ new gas careful that’s a PD
Everything for easy all the money speedy
Cash comin’ out
I send ’em out ’cause I ain’t greedy
If we ain’t talkin’ money then I’m blind .. Stevie
The checks comin’ in I’m settled for good
My fault really trencherous and misunderstood
Shit ain’t been goin’ too different then I pictured it would
I’m so

I’m so I’m so I’m so I’m so misunderstood (x5)

I say “Speak it to the youth” ’cause I grew up just like them
Hope these lil’ niggas take the helping hand I extend
That’s why I don’t really flex a lot talk ’bout what I spend
Humble nigga I’m a trench kid never gon’ pretend
Run a body so we kept a pole .. took the time
I was stuck really locked up I grew it out again
For the guys hurt my soul that day I see my mama cry
I was locked up in penitentiary doin’ time give me five
Girl the feelings make your eyes hurt you don’t wanna cry
Just ’cause my brother died and I ain’t tell ’em why
My son said “Tjay you a superstar” still hard to accept
Still in tune with the trenches that said havin’ niggas stressed
Steady chasin’ the checks I just earn and invest
‘Stead of watchin’ another man with your turn in regret
I don’t know I’m just different why you not gonna listen
I’m on the road to riches and I don’t see competition is understood

I’m so I’m so I’m so I’m so misunderstood (x5)

Misunderstood – Lil Tjay lyrics
Misunderstood - Lil Tjay
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