Mission accomplished – Westside Gunn lyrics

Lyrics Mission accomplished – Westside Gunn

Mission accomplished lyrics
I just heard Supreme done sold it’s soul
Got the hammers on the road trunk lookin’ like loads
Rockin’ forty belows these niggas is hoes
Miraculous flows grip the MAC when I pose
Click-clack with the fours mismatch with the poles
Tre pound with the nine I think I’m outta my mind
Rhymes ahead of my time broad day with the
Broad day with the vibes hundred shots to arise
Some live some die headshot both time
Shooter on coke lines had him seizin’ both times
Ayo mink draggin’ down Fifth Ave peep the posture
Doctor Romanelli match the patent leather Pradas
Seen the best fold some turned for a dollar
Some turned state courtroom like an opera
Me I’m just the illest nigga walkin’ Gallery Department
We pulled up to spark shit
(Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)
Both hands grippin’ on the carbon (Doot doot)
Fiends might die we got the best on the market
(Doot doot doot doot doot doot yo ah)

Since I turned to the boss life (Uh huh) I ain’t really been y’all type
These bitches be all tight but they’ll really be alright
I ain’t sayin’ shit when I see ’em it’s on sight
They see me and bob and weave like they workin’ for ..
Five star hitter and I wife niggas (What else?)
Sky’s where I stack up dough
is you scared of heights nigga? (Scared of heights nigga)
Lost it all got it back twice on niggas (Twice on niggas)
Grind hard clean up nice call me Lysol niggas (Yup)
Talk slick we blow your groove back (Grrah groove back)
Windows up roof back La Perla drawers on the cooch cat (Ooh)
Ass fat itty-bitty is the waist size (The waist size)
The Rollie cost a pretty penny I don’t waste time (True)
Pretty little thing got your honey hot (Honey hot)
He got bread he wanna share (What you tell him?) I be sunny pa
Real cream first lady of the ill team
(Of the ill team Griselda bitch)
Whole crew full of big steppers like a drill team (Woo)

The Butcher comin’ nigga
I just want niggas to know that
It’s only one Griselda
It’s only one
Real shit though

It ain’t no debate if I’m real you niggas like Kendall Gill
I’m early ’90s Shaquille if they ever base it off skill
Too hot to take it to trial nigga I got a quarter mil’
Quarter in my jewelry box ‘nother quarter for my appeal
Loyalty and respect
I wore that shit like a shill
Ask about me I’m the boss who the fuck gon’ tell me to chill?
Thousand grams at my bitch crib you don’t know how that feel
On my fourth bust down watch and never had me a deal uh
Two diamond rings on the hand that fed sharks
I done lapped rap niggas that y’all gave head starts
I graduated right from the trap from a head start
These niggas know where I’m from my block like a landmark
I got the Louis V kicks the trench and scarf
I’m like Dre Jay Electronica and Marc’ uh
Whole team lit this what you get when you playin’ smart
When you got integrity longevity and heart
The Butcher niggaaa

Mission accomplished – Westside Gunn lyrics
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