Mirage – Quelle Chris lyrics

Lyrics Mirage – Quelle Chris

Mirage lyrics
Stepped out like Scooby-Doo and the gang
With a sack of treats as the case completes
The villains knew the name
We were stuffin’ Chillums with that lame
Back when dub sacks was the thing
Now we glide ‘cross skies like Liu Kang no shame
We carry the state on our back like new quarter change
Rats was at ’em like Elmira to Maximillian
I was focused on the craft I knew racks was in the cards (I knew it)
Sorta mutant I seem to see through the ceilings
Some homeys hid under tables
My head was up in the stars (In the stars nigga)
That’s real bars
I know niggas that caved in but still gods
Some said it’s preprogrammed some state it’s up to Allah
You ask me it’s all part the mirage ah-ha-ha!

[Break: Quelle Chris Earl Sweatshirt & Merrill Garbus]
Don’t think that far
Who’s that
No whoa
Said it’s the cure and the super
Ooh-ooh hey
Yeah-yeah heyHey hey
Yeah-yeah uh ooh

[Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt & Merrill Garbus]
I thought I saw a fountain
I thought I saw me on the other side of the see-saw mounted
Bouncing on the up-and-up countin’ downers
The rate flounder-flat to bring you ’round the bend and back
But now what
The hour’s not a alibi doesn’t add up
You outta time fried like halibut with two sides
Smizing for the camera I surmise
The lie what did the damage
Had to leave you with a treatise was signed
I switch the plan up boundaries get redefined
I read the vines it’s a madness we hacking lives sink my teeth
Way past the beat into the rhyme when I grab it
The bitter sweetness of times I wish to capture
Abandon reason for the slime of greener pastures
They tried to leave me
Couldn’t find me when I finally answered tiny dancer
Hold me closer don’t be sliding backwards
Forward further like Akai told me on the tollway
The soles planted the hands scrape the sky
When the chances that the Medivacs left was hella high
We hit the tavern for some gin and rye
Whiskey gingerly applied
The image shifted side to side in the distance
You tripping over lines
Slipping we been to …

[Verse 3: Denmark Vessey]
Oh yeah hit me in the heart one day it’s just words
A string of letters I smash together
Some random sequence calls to cast the weather
InSh’Allah could last forever
I don’t have to be here but I made it through
Through a maelstrom
The director’s cut might not even make the album cut
That’s where the melanated melancholy style’s from
Fly birdie fly be as wise as the owl
Keep the eye of the falcon that’s eye on the sparrow
I know my daughter’s watching I know you watch me
I know the times rocky
I know it’s hard to remember it blurred
December was birthed
My ten toes dig in the dirt feeling the earth
I’m willing to merge fourth quarter final moxie
It was dark like the light forgot me
Oh Lord then it sparked
Innocent of sins rosemary; when reality bit it pierced my heart
A voice close near me said “Don’t be so scary”
“Enjoy your thirties”
Listen I’m still looking for father figure
Around me and niggas who clown me
The last laugh is a nectar
But the sweetest get-back is being completely free (Facts)
Completely me
The smell of burnt sage let the season reap
Don’t overthink it bleep-blee

[Spoken Word: Big Sen]
Yeah feels good to be back. I spend most of my days now in my garden
growing food and medicinal plants and shit that we smoking on
now-type-of-thing and pondering the next moves you know what I’m saying
Like what the fuck is going on around here We all know something is
you know around the corner. And we feel it in our souls.
It’s manifesting itself in our art even. The moves we make are
largely dystopian post-apocalyptic. I think we all just trying to
make sense of it somehow. And that’s cool. Sometimes it just be them seasons.
Predatory capitalism. And all the isms you know what I’m saying
And err’ybody’s fed up. And people don’t know what to do so we make our art and art is beautiful.
But art is also the truth. So we know you know. Come on you know.
You know you know you know
So what are you doing about it Most people’s just waiting for
something to happen without even preparing for anything you know what I’m saying
Right now Ukraine power off. Venezuela they shut the power off.
Just this week 44 million people South America power off.
That’s how we start modern warfare nowadays. We just cut your power and your internet off.
Give that one week without the little faucet running and your little water coming out
and your ‘frigerator not being on and shit and your diabetes medicine not being cold. And you assed out
Make your actions match your ambitions to survive. You need to get ready like we are.
That means being in shape. That means being in touch with your ancestors and your spirituality you feel me
What’s gon’ come to pass is what’s gon’ come to pass. All that voting and
all that shit you can do that that’s cool but that ain’t gon’ stop it.
It’s It’s already on the way you know what I’m saying Just buckle up.
Have a good time you know Security is largely a superstition. It does not exist in nature
Life is either a grand adventure or nothing baby. Go have your adventure ’cause I’m having mine
Big Sen peace out one loveee


Mirage – Quelle Chris lyrics
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