Miami trip – Teejayx6 lyrics

Lyrics Miami trip – Teejayx6

Miami trip lyrics
I got this one nigga in Cali I bought my Benz off
Told my bitch to be lookin’ out for the mail I got a package comin’
Ordered some iPhones from Verizon and I know they comin’
I get excited every time I see a FedEx truck
.. the nigga bought some regular weed then labeled it as ..
He thought his lil numbers was bout to hit but he was out of luck
You stuck in the city I’m out in Cali livin’ luxury
I told your bitch to come over but don’t bring no extra company
Slipped up on the Dark Web I just pray the Feds don’t come for me
Why every time I see a pussy nigga out he run from me?
Orange juice with my breakfast drop the 8 inside the Sunny D
Promethazine killin’ my kidneys somebody pay for my surgery
They like that one shit I drop I think I need to drop a sequel
Bitch you be twerkin under grandma see why yo nigga can’t keep you
Told the jug to send it through CashApp I can’t meet you
Unless you tryna pay me for the sauce I can’t teach you
Remember Mr. Ross gave me an F I was bout to kill the teacher
Already got too much money give me some bands for a feature
I’m out here in the mountains I can barely catch a signal
Wake up in the morning and load my site that’s my ritual
You be doin’ the same shit every day of your life typical
A stripper brought my food to my booth I ain’t tippin’ you
My bitch talkin’ bout she wanna leave bitch I can’t trip on you
Detroit gettin’ irritated I’m bout to go and take a trip or two
I’m tryna have a house party bring the strippers through
You know these hoes love drinking bring the liquor too
Your bitch just text my phone like “Bring some liquor boo”
They think I be scammin’ for my methods y’all ain’t got a clue
I done damn near scammed the city I need a statue
Was servin’ at the gas station had my bags in ..
You a dirty ass nigga fucking bitches in the bathroom
I’m bout to fly out to Miami and get my backends
Yesterday I scammed a famous white lady and her boyfriend
Hate when I fuck a bitch and she think that I’m her boyfriend
Tryna swipe in stores that’s just something I wouldn’t reccommend
My nigga sitting in jail sending me raps he wrote with his pen
I’m still hurt that I lost my fuckin’ Auntie Lynn
You in the club just sitting around with a bunch of men
Punched a BnB and told a bitch to bring all her friends
A nigga tried to rob me but he ain’t want my cash he wanted all my ..
A nigga tried to rob me and I had to beat his ass to death
Was hollerin’ at my driver but didn’t know she was deaf
Was bout to slap the fuck out her cause her dumb ass ain’t bust a left
Was tryna get high before my flight then I got left
I just witnessed a pussy nigga take his last breath
.. on the East I’m bout to move West
A bitch said I can’t fuck? I am not pressed
Just made a couple IDs and took them out the press
I got some bullshit in zips that cost you 80 less
Brother pull up to the opp’s crib I’m bout to put they ass to rest
Told my nigga meet me at the spot on 7 ..
I got banned though icy cuban I kept on tryin
Got a couple gift cards from Walmart Target and ..
My cousin hit a lick on a nigga dressed up as Michael Myers
I burned the fuckin’ studio down call the firefightersss

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Miami trip – Teejayx6 lyrics
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