Meat – Gramofone lyrics

Lyrics Gramofone – Meat

Here’s a little bedtime story.
We need a competent individual.
If it all goes wrong, don’t worry.
Keep calm! It’s business as usual.
(Gramofone – Meat)

Honesty is aut most treasured quality.
Oh, dear! You almost slipped!
It’s not lying, it’s politics.
Shut up and read your script!

Baa, baa, baaaa!
Suffering in confort in life’s cubicle.

We think, we speak.
We just bleat!
Grazing on assembly lines – meat.

Sell, my friends, lie if you have to.
Who cares?
We’ll be right upstairs!
Think private jets and luxury cars.
And soon you’ll join us
For brandy and cigars!

We’re kings of the board.
This is our philosophy.
Roll the dice, my friend!
You’re playing Monopoly.
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Meat – Gramofone lyrics
meat - gramofone
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