Mamma mia – Azealia Banks lyrics

Lyrics Mamma mia – Azealia Banks

Mamma mia lyrics
I got to feed the demon now
You know the prima-primadonna
Pack the heater got the armour
Yung Rapunzel
Kill you if you want to
Niggas if you fuck with me
Then you better fuck from me
You a duck to me
Niggas on that

Niggas wanna cuck for me
I let it loose these niggas life ain’t worth a buck to me
I got the noose these little niggas on the run from me
Pack the deuce I hit these niggas with a buck fifty
I’m Mama Goose these little bitches little ducks to me

They telling stories like I’m not a legend definitelyyy

mamma mia

Mamma mia – Azealia Banks lyrics
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