Lola bunny – Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Lola bunny – Chief Keef

Lola Bunny lyrics
Ice cream sprinkles and the chain
No you can’t hang if you ain’t gang
Bitch .. stay up in yo’ lane
Fuckin’ take that .. off you ain’t got no aim
All these niggas rockin’ with the gang
Glock 4 that rocket with ya chain
The G truck took off on the Mustang
Then fuckin’ take the Raf off you ..
Fuck you own a whip for if you ain’t squeezin’?
You ain’t with the shits then you should be leavin’
Free all my shorties all the damn prison
Loud pack bust my ear drums I can’t hear shit
Pussy got that fake ice on he embarrased
I payed 3k for this scar I’m not a terrorist
Got out the cage and flew right past shit like a parrot
Ride with Lola Bunny ’cause I got karats
Told that ho dont’t talk to me because I am married
She said her man got a chain but he don’t ever wear ittt

Lola bunny

Looola Bunny – Lola Indigo letra

Letra Lola Buuunny – Looola Indigo Lola Buuunny letra Yo soy Looola Bunny Be my Bugs Bugs Buuunny A ti te gusta el
Lola bunny – Chief Keef lyrics
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