Living legend – Jadakiss lyrics

Lyrics Living legend – Jadakiss

Living legend lyrics
It started first with the dope
I earned all my stripes I put in work with the GOATS
I turned to the mic went berserk with the quotes
I wrestled with the flow to every verse and the yoke
Now my name ringin’ they wanna hear Jada
Still on fire 20 years later
Shit kinda different they lie for a buzz
Don’t wait ’til I die to recognize what I was
Listen and learn I went to class after Biggie
A verse from me’ll get you a pass in the city
You doin’ that dance you went to class after Shiggy
I’m in good shape I’m still blastin’ the Ciggy
Stamp of approval good on this side
Another nigga shot down good ol’ fish fry
Chosen terror just speakin’ from the Golden Era
And I’ll forever be a Livin’ legend

Livin’ legend

[Verse 2: Queen Latifah]
Bow down to greatness no handshake
Me and Kay Slay helped shape the landscape
Speak my language I know you can’t wait
But first over 62 movie credits to translate
They just talk the game I turn midnight strolls to The Walk of Fame
Oscars Grammys I built the ground that you walk on
I taught you how to tilt your crown come on
Emmys and Golden Globes before you blink love
I done won every award you could think of
I set it off with Jada without a doubt
Even in Chicago I was bringin’ down the house (Ha ha ha)
I been around the world like Nat Geo
But still hood so please don’t make me bring back Cleo oh no
I use my pen as a weapon
Ain’t no second guessin’ how I became a

[Chorus: Bun B]
Living legend
Living legend
Yeah what up Slay
Livin’ legend
Legends only on this one baby
Livin’ legend
Gotta be official for this motherfucker
Know what I’m sayin’
Livin’ legend

[Verse 3: Bun B]
Bun B Triple OG and then some
Some of y’all strivin’ to be a legend I been one
Jumped off the porch in the 90s (In the 90s)
Now it’s 2020 and it still ain’t hard to find me (Hard to find me)
Me and Pimp put it down in the rap game
Been Gold and Platinum plaques no cap mane
Number one debuts on the Billboard
With a reputation motherfuckers would kill for
We would .. whatever we had to to get it done (Done)
And if we did a song with you it’s your biggest one (One)
Don’t believe me Then you can ask Hova or Three 6 Mafia we fucked the game over
The Trill shit took over the whole nation
BET awards and Grammy nominations
And still kept it 100 with the hood
Do the same and you could be aaa..

Living legend

Living legend – Jadakiss lyrics
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