Lil Bitch – chillpill lyrics

Lyrics Lil Bitch – chillpill

Lil Bitch lyrics
I wonder what it is
I see you and I come unglued
But I can tell you this
Some might say it’s kind of rude

But you’re such a little bitch
Don’t-don’t act like a bitch

Oh, you’re such a little bitch
You gotta quit bein’ so sensitive
Shit, I don’t hope you die
I just hope that (I just, I just hope shit sucks for you)
And all I hear is blah blah blah blah when you speak
And when you’re ’bout to fall asleep
I hope you think of me, I hope you think of me
Don’t act like a bitch

You’re such a little

Rico, damn (Fuck, damn)
Blowin’ me up to get [?]
Shawty ain’t miss your shot
I got all my shit from [?] (Damn)
You six feet, well, so is my money
I’d rather do it myself than go
‘head and ask you for somethin’
You bein’ way too sensitive in them messages
Askin’ me questions, sending me paragraphs
She’s ‘posed to be the one to hold me down
Why you gotta act like such a bitch?
I wish I never met you ’cause you act just like a kid
You’re not a man, you’re a boy, stop makin’ that noise
You would stop everything, drop everything
I almost went for it all, bullshit

So I try, I try so hard to forgive
But every time I do, every time I do
I’m reminded how much I hate ya, you bitch
Don’t-don’t act like a bitchhh

Lil Bitch – chillpill lyrics
Lil Bitch - chillpill
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