Light it up – Young Thug lyrics

Lyrics Light it up – Young Thug

Light it up lyrics
[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Flood my wrist with all type of bands (my bands)
All bought me some all type of strands
Put your neck and wrist on flood ‘less I can

Light it up (x18)

I just spilled sauce in the Benz (bitch)
Oh yes I’m gonna do it again (bitch)
I just turned up my bitch and she just been shoppin’ and shit
Damn I can’t do nothing but ..
I plan on dying like this
I had a that bomb in my kidney
Neck and wrist on lit
.357 for my momma and them
I was one of the ones with Obama and them
I play it safe with my commas now
And them
Young niggas worse than your ? now
I had to go to the pool pit
At popeyes
I had to sit with the government
At the airport with mob ties

Light it up – Young Thug lyrics
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