Letter to ur ex – Mahalia lyrics

Lyrics Letter to ur ex – Mahalia

Letter to ur ex lyrics
Last night, you sent a text to him
Made us have a fight,
made a mess of it
I know you’re his ex
but you can’t do that anymore
Close the door for me

And you don’t owe nothing to me
You think you know all about me, huh
You’ve never been me but I’ve been you girl
I’ve had my heart broken too girl

Many times before yeah
I’ve done it all, I’ve seen it all through
I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep too
Oh my god, all my memories
Waiting for the right caller ID

So yeah, I get it
That don’t mean I’m gonna always be forgiving
There comes a time when you gotta let my love start

And I can only do that when you stop
With the drama, drama, drama, drama
I don’t wanna sound like a bitch
No I don’t wanna
If you carry on like this, you gon’ get your karma
Take it from a girl who’s already been through the trauma

Please stop with the texting, calling, showing up
I think you know what you’re doing and it ain’t showing love
Stop now baby
It’s driving me crazy, please
You ain’t got no drama with meee

Letter to ur ex – Mahalia lyrics
Letter to ur ex - Mahalia
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