Legend – Problematic lyrics

Lyrics Legend – Problematic

Legend lyrics
I’ve been dealing with depression lately Ive been in a dark place
Fighting through them hard days every night my heart aches
Do not interrupt please shut up when the song plays
Slowing down the cadence spit this bullet like Im Enkay (47)
I don’t like to make friends I would rather write songs
Lot of people done me dirty somehow I remained strong
I don’t need nobody no I’m not ensuing greediness
You want a taste of this cause I got the right ingredients
Started feeling better ‘Oh No Not This Again !’
Will it ever end mentally I am suffering
No matter what the case music always been my medicine
No therapist can get inside my head make me better then
A long journey but I’m rising to the top
Coming from humbled beginnings ain’t no way that imma flop
Maybe barely hanging on I don’t know where I belong
But the goal is still the same ain’t no way that I’ma flop (True)


Cold nights but I made it out the storm
Loyalty-Respect thats the sh*t that I adore
I hit the ground but I keep on running
You love to run your mouth but I don’t hear nothing
One time for the real ones sticking with me
I do this for my fam know that Ima make a milli
Told myself that Ima die a legend
Ima die a legend
Promise ima die a legend

Verse 2:
I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind living in a nightmare
Trapped inside my thoughts I don’t think you have an idea
What I have encountered or the pain that I’ve endured
Im surprised that Im alive I’m still praying to the lord
I don’t like to waste time I don’t like to go in public
Ain’t about that drama boy peace and love I conduct it
Say it how it is never go behind your back
Won’t pretend that I don’t like you if I don’t then its a wrap (facts!)
Im dying here to live while most y’all live to die
Staring back at my reflection like who the h*ll am I !
My fans they hold me down till the end will always ride
One thing can never take from me my dignity and pride
A fallen angel guess my pain has been my pleasure
Im still picking up the pieces know that I will not surrender
I don’t see no competition put my dream into fruition
They’ll consider me the greatest Im a man up on a missionnn

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Legend – Problematic lyrics
Legend - Problematic
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