Know me – Lil Mosey lyrics

Lyrics Know me – Lil Mosey

Know me lyrics
When I walk up in that bitch, everybody know my name, yeah
When I first got put on, nigga never was insane, uh
Now say “Nobody lame” .. pay my own money
And I was only for a change startin’ fires in my brain
Smokin’ big omlets on me, you niggas go get your straps (Cries)
Fucked the pussy nigga, you better go on where you at
So I’m slidin’ in a whip, pours on my laps
And my nigga he drive, he said he got our back
I tried to stay to myself, that ain’t change ’em
Niggas gooo

Know me – Lil Mosey lyrics
Know me - Lil Mosey
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