Keep it quiet – DaBaby lyrics

Lyrics Keep it quiet – DaBaby

Keep it quiet lyrics
My shit let me drop that
And I’m the type to keep it quiet don’t speak that
Never know it’s me when I pop get heat
My momma told I should go and holler at my brother
Just to let’ em know we all be havin’ problems and we low
It’s traumatizin’ you know how we started in the gutter
Now I’m chillin’ with my daughter in a goddamn mansion
Just waitin’ on a nigga I’m the goddamn answer
Beast Mode I’ma beat the goddamn cancer
And now I really give a fuck about how you feel homie
Put the Apple band on him put the AR on him put the F&N on him
Get to shootin’ at a nigga have him goddamn dancin’
You know I keep the Blick with the extension
Never foldin’ under pressure know I love it when there’s tension
Know I love it whennn

Keep it quiet

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Keep it quiet – DaBaby lyrics
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