Julia Lang – Westside Gunn lyrics

Lyrics Julia Lang – Westside Gunn

Julia Lang lyrics
Ayo, my Yeezys lookin’ like moon boots (My Yeezys lookin’ like moon boots)
My man killed my other man, it’s a lose-lose (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
The stick swingin’, dumpin’ out the moon roof (Stick swingin’, hangin’ out the moon roof)
Do ’em dirty in your wam-wam and zoom-zooms

Yeah, me and Julia Lang whippin’ ‘caine with a hanger
Sellin’ dope like ’94, I’m talkin’ bakin’ with a ..
Spendin’ nights talkin’ hash shit with the same bitch talkin’ nice
I’m talkin’ George Condo paintings, .., Supreme shit
Contemplatin’ breakin’ down a whole up in ..
Don’t pillow talk to hoes, I’m up in Nieman’s talkin’ dope to stovesss

Julia Lang – Westside Gunn lyrics
Julia Lang - Westside Gunn
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