JT first day out – City Girls lyrics

Lyrics JT first day out – City Girls

JT first day out lyrics
When I was countin down these bitches counted me out
Now I m back I got em shocked these bitches droppin they mouth (Mouth)
Lil Runaway my friend mama helped me out
I don t give a fuck about no bed I ll sleep on the couch (Couch)
Now I m up
But I can write a book about the rainy days (Facts)
I don t gotta throw shade to get a fanbase
I been a real bitch way before the fed case
Yung Miami held me down that s a bitch ace (Period)
And if a bitch try her it s a cold case
Get yo ass snatched up like my new waist
Pulled in and out of prison like a drive-thru
Audemars waitin on me cause the time flew (Ice)
I went from boots to khakis to Louis tennis shoes
Sendin press to my people sittin in the shoe
The blogs they made me mad they made me motivated
Yeah I left the chain gang bitch I graduated
Been the most important bitch yeah I m celebrated
Lil baldhead bitch still the most hated (Most hated)
Bitch I m right on time for the season change
Y all hoes real salty bitch it s seasons change

Might make my side nigga cop me a Range
And put it up for my bitch she got the best brain
Pull up by myself Miss Pearly don t need no army bitch
I ain t got no love for these niggas I ain t Ronnie bitch
Embarrass a bitch on stage I m on some Maury shit
Any bitch in my way you gon be sorry bitch
I wish I would let one of you hoes try me
I ll be back in khakis blue shoes walkin through R&D
How y all gon end City Girls when y all ain t half of me?
Don t play with Yung Miami hoe that s the other half of me
Had the whole world waitin on me like I m a virgin
So it s time to pop this cherry (This cherry) get this pussy workin (Ayy)
New Rolls Royce in the back it was a Birkin
Now that City Girls shit bitch that s for certain (Period)
This was my first day out I ain t wait a day
Ate that time up like it s cake JT Anna Mae
Two bad bitches and they kissin in the Wraith
Kissin -kissin in the Wraith
Kissin -kissin in the Wraith
Went in the same day Drake dropped “In My Feelings”
I was in prison on my bunk really in my feelings (Facts)
Now I m back to the millions bitches in they feelings
I was in grays playing spades Miami making children
But we ain t killin blessings just to please the public (Nah)
So when y all say “City Girls over” just change the subject (How you know?)
Y all hoes always bringing up old shit (Damn)
Go get a sugar daddy suck a old dick (Get some old dick)
Bitches get exposed everyday
But I m from Dade I ma do it anyway (I don t care)
If I wasn t who I was they wouldn t fuck with me
But I am who I am and y all can t fuck with me
Went platinum on my bunk sis can t come for me (What s up?)
Like a ten-minute move you better run for me
I did my time like a G versuri-lyrics.info
Man motherfuck the B-O-P (Man fuck the B-O-P)
Man motherfuck L-P (Fuck em)
I keep some fours that ll match your I.D
Y all hoes want smoke bring a match (Match let s go)
Left prison with a pimple not a scratch (Scratch)
Point blank period won t see me back
Unless I m pullin up just to see Max (Ow)
Oh and one more thing before I go
How y all gon say a made bitch was pregnant from a C.O.?
I don t fuck with cops or blockers you bitches slow
Stop with all the rumors and tell your nigga I m home
And it s on

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City Girls lyrics

JT first day out – City Girls lyrics
JT first day out - City Girls
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