Joanna – Jojo lyrics

Lyrics Joanna – Jojo

Joanna lyrics
We go back a long time
I ve been writing with you since day one
Oh I remember when we were just kids
You were singing winning young and innocent
But they say
Do you really sound the same?
Do you still have the same range
That you did when you were 14 girl
I don t really know
You should date somebody famous

That would probably put you on the A-list
That would probably get you on them playlists
Stop you being so damn underrated
What is going on Joanna?
What is going on Joanna?

You peaked
Sorry to kick deep but
It must be something that you did
Did go and have somebody s kid
You shouldn t even go that high
Why can t you just play your part
Speaking of which where did you acting go?
You were supposed to be somebody
You were supposed to make more money
Make us proud
Nobody likes you in Massachusettsss

Jojo lyrics

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Joanna – Jojo lyrics
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