Jedi’s code – Chris Webby lyrics

Lyrics Jedi’s code – Chris Webby

Jedi’s code lyrics
World’s a crazy place
I’m just trying to keep my inner peace just like you
New normal, that’s just what they say these days
But shipping getting pretty strange these days the more I learn
these days these days

Darth Sidious in the sit within cities plans who knows how to
write no questions
If you lift in your hand, then you’re blacklisted and band with
no trial to stand
If you’re not within the narrative a silence in the Lambs
Blocked on Facebook to knock off IG 3 Strikes on YouTube

If they kicked me off Spotify, you’ll only find me exclusively
on drives and CDs
That’s what happens when the first amendment goes away from I
Let’s just hope it doesn’t go that way. But either way I say
what I’m gonna say f*** em
I got this platform. I got this microphone

I got a war between good and evil in front of the running duck
is they bending over and f****** us a muscle-up step into
The light young Padawan tag-along should the dark sides only
have this strong once you see the woman studied the way
They choose it to use all these tactical moves causing
confusion is

When we fight each other then we all don’t end up losing caught
In the illusion evil keeps rolling agenda 2030
She might become an early a little birdie told to happen in a
hurry if you ain’t worried

Then you’re out of the loop. But if you’re in the loop, you
might be getting found in a new school
While they feed us false news. That’s how they keep Empower
broadcasting to you through the 5 G powers
She keeps going coward wolves gone fight load your weapons
while we still got the right
Y’all got some sort of role to play

F**k the media ties and secret society entertainers who were
feeding you lies
F*** these fake woke sheep in Disguise from these people with
the nerve to say who I’m supposed to be as if I have ever given
a single

F*** how they see me. So, why would I start now? I’m just a
disobedient guy when they thought that I was beaten
I Rise I put my contacts in just so I could look the feet in
the eyes and it’s deeper than this rap s***
So Tucker my tail and shutting my mouth. No, I ain’t never
doing that s*** past

Give a broad truth to the masses only way. I’m leaving this
f****** games in a casket
I fainted those who chose the dark Road Behold The Pale rapper
who’s bringing light to the phone
I lightsaber is ready Jedi with a coat with a soul unsold let
him know
It’s pretty clear to see there’s good guys and bad guys Jedi
It’s time to pick a sideee

Jedi’s code – Chris Webby lyrics
Jedi's code - Chris Webby
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