Jaywalking – Valee lyrics

Lyrics Jaywalking – Valee

Jaywalking lyrics
Niggas snitch on you to see you fall down y’all the ones trippin’
I got ice on you tryna figure out how I’m glidin’ nigga y’all the ones slippin’
Valentino I got on from the fall collection know this is different
Turn my brights on so I could see who crossin’ me nigga y’all the ones jaywalkin’
Jordan 12s on my feet in a size 9 nigga that’s how I’m jaywalkin’
Took the bitch out for a bite to eat look at the restaurant nigga know this is different
Hit my motor from I had my lil’ way I was speedin’ in that bitch know this is shiftin’
Snatch out too quick in the coupe I think I fucked it all up not the transmission
Tellin’ me pick between the two of them I’ma pick the quiet ho not the one bitchin’
Went to the strip club and walked in for free they weren’t trippin’ shit y’all the ones iffinnn’


Jaywalking – Valee lyrics
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