Is what it is – REASON lyrics

Lyrics Is what it is – REASON

Is what it is lyrics
Niggas think they better than REAS’, what is it, drugs?
Thousand on the kicks, lil’ bitch, I came from lugs
Fightin’ with my demons,
I’m just shadowboxin’, sparrin’
Nigga gon’ get fucked up if I ever take off the gloves
Let you niggas live,
I did that shit off the love
Polo on my socks the minute it hit the rug
You can’t walk on this with shoes, nigga
Them lights hit me, this shit center stage
Look all this juice I got, shit wasn’t Minute Maid
Been here for years, feel like the time stretched
Left for a minute, came right back like a fine ex
Every step I took,
I blew up, why this ain’t mine yet?
Got issues with God ’cause He still ain’t hit my line yet,
Scared of flyin’ sometimes, dumb as it sounds
It’s never the fear of heights but the fear of comin’ down
Lotta niggas that I love,
now I fear ’em comin’ ’round
Kinda trippy how rainin’ can make the climate strange
I trust these niggas like family, gave ’em time to change
The woman that birthed me cookin’, it was my mistakes (Shit)
I learned a lot from them niggas and how they view me
They done stoned me, rock in the head like Lil Uzi
I done grown on some wise shit
Now I pay attention,
see a eye twitch, where I live
Oil ain’t slick, nigga, we fry shit
And that’s for any nigga try me,
ain’t violent but keep it on me like a ID
‘Cause I done seen innocent niggas
that ain’t did shit catch a slug (Yeah)
Family layin’ flowers, prayin’ over blood
It just it what it is, was what it was (Look)

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Now would you rather go, hard or ballistic?
Keep it realistic
Nothin’ really move but that money, would you risk it?
I was broke and hungry, itchin’ to kill somethin’, my ribs
If I pop me a bean, then I don’t feel nothin’
All I really see is Cali to me
I’m from this gravel, all mama, had no daddy with me
I used to sleep with the roaches
Had to cope with nothin’ but alcoholics and smokers in my
family tree
Grams of dope, distribute it, to snort it like a privilege
Gutter like Skid Row, litty like a cigarette
Don’t question why I’m here, I treat this like a stimulus
Stretch it then flippin’ it, hustlin’ like an immigrant
Don’t ever let it get to your head
For the jelly and the envy gon’ be wishin’ you dead
‘Stead of wishin’ you bread
Mo’ money, mo’ problems, just the tip of the scale
Balance ’em both out, the answer is there
Now pay attention (Pay attention)
Bitch, you know I’m out that ghetto
Eastside baby, kept bodies under the pillow
Had no other outlets, gangbangin’ or sellin’ shit
Who tellin’ shit? We double back and blow up they residence
Innocent niggas do catch a slug
Wrong place, wrong time, and it get you struck
It is what it is, was what it wasss

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Is what it is – REASON lyrics
Is what it is - REASON
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