Inside my head – Merkules lyrics

Lyrics Inside my head – Merkules

Inside my head lyrics
I’ve been getting lost inside my head
Staring at the ceiling while I lie in bed
I hate when I hit the truth, tell my lies instead
I guess I never really know where I’ll wind up next (x2)

So I keep partying and drinkin’
Hardly even thinkin’
And that probably is the reason, I’m like that (x2)

In the end of the day doesn’t even really mater
I’ve been smoking this weed, I’ve been getting hammered
Last night was a movie, it was cinematic
You wanna be on my level, you should get a ladder
Or a different bracket, I don’t think you graspe it
I’ve been living lavish but I’m still a savage
I’ve been trippin’ bad and it’s a disadvantage
But I promise you I don’t take think for granted

Inside my head – Merkules lyrics
Inside my head - Merkules
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