Insect – 100 miles lyrics

Lyrics Insect – 100 miles

Insect lyrics
[Verse 1]
Within power lies corruption I don’t need an introduction
I get high so I can function
My methods so unorthodox
Gold up in a nigga locks (uh yuh)
Hunnit runnin till he hit the top (Uck yuh)
Black and I’m back empowered
You niggas encourage cowards
Rap and I brighten hours
Connect to a higher power
Repeat wit a couple downers
Fuck what y’all thought
Love how you grow what’s next my nigga
Never sell my soul too blessed my nigga
That’s a weird fucking flex wish you best my nigga
Imma keep it to myself
Ion fuck wit no once else
But the gang (gang)
My girl
My fans
I got the same ole dirty ass vans
Disrespect me you can catch these hands (boop, boop, boop)
I’m still learning what it means to be a man
Everybody saying what I should do
Won’t be
When you famous lil nigga don’t forget me
We’ll see
Did it On my Own
Fuck yo Pride
What’s Next
Not picking Up my Phone
I’ve been hella Depressed (yuh)
Still sticking To my goals
Having no regrets Just

Bank rolls
Weed smoke
High as fuck I’m tryna cope
Run it

[Verse 2]
And my nigga just die
I’ve been tryna stay alive through this muthafuckin pain
Ion really know how to deal wit it
Hope his brother doing good tho
Hope my mama get it straight
Cuz at this rate
She gone really be alone
Getting shit faced
Contemplating how I’m wrong
Am I fake?
I can’t find out where I’m going
Everyday I Keep on showing that I’m fine
Every hour I’ve been praying for a sign
It don’t ever leave the corner of my mind
I’m Tearing up when I’m writing every line
Cuz my nigga just died
And I’ve been tryna stay alive

Depression is a sour scented cherry blossom
Blooming solely in the winter
Never snows here in December
And we bout to hit November
I’m so focused on this music tryna be heard and get paid

Lost in reverb and delay
Mix and master all my demons
If my thoughts are incomplete then come find me when the seasons change
But it’s always sunny in LA
And I hate this shit cuz I miss rain x2

Insect – 100 miles lyrics
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