Immaculate – YN Jay lyrics

Lyrics Immaculate – YN Jay

Immaculate lyrics
I can tell a bitch to come here without speakin’
Raise my eyes, tell a bitch to come here without blinkin’
If I said I was off drank, I was not drinkin’
If I said I’m in the sunken place, I was not sinkin’
Told my white bitch get the fuck out without speakin’
I can beat the whole game without cheating
Drop a song every day of the month, it’s not leakin’
Why the fuck you think I dropped out of school? I’m not readin’
Like a baby, I be suckin’ on some titties, not teethin’
Hit the dog with the dog, but you know I’m not breedin’
Like a nigga underwater, hold your breath, stop breathin’
Know a nigga went to jail for no reason, me and Krimey stopped

Bitch, I know you told something, stop blinkin’
‘Bow was A1 vacuum-sealed, it’s not reekin’
I just woke up to a nightmare, I’m not dreamin’
You got caught tryna do a B&E, you not sneaky
Caught a bitch tryna steal out my pants, you not sneaky
Nigga, how the fuck is you Fred brother? You not Titi
Pulled up with Lil Larry, four-wheeler poppin’ wheelies
Bitch bought some boobs off the internet, shoppin’ titties
I just pulled up with a half a hundred, dropped a fifty
If you see me dozin’ off, I was high, I’m not sleepy
Bitch pulled up with a Gucci rug, it’s dashiki

Make my fat bitch chase you down the street, it’s Dashiki
Nigga said his pop dirty, yours Tris, it’s not kiki
I was probably with my bitch in the club, that’s Wakiki
Coochie Man a superhero, bitch, I’m Marvel like DC
Tell a story, I can take it way back like B.C.
Bad bitch, she a strawberry like kiwi
What you want, bitch? I can grant your wish like genie
Take a bad bitch swimmin’, she look better in bikini
Make a movie with your bitch, wear my glasses, this shit 3D
I just made a touchdown, it sound better than a TD

Bitch sent a face picture, It look better with your titties
I’m in Flint with a Bentley, it look better in my city
I just bought a big crib, it look better in Miami
Before I leave this world, bitch, I better win a Grammy
I don’t want no bitch my age, I look better with your granny
Who that nigga talkin’ crazy? Bitch, that better be your daddy
How the fuck I’m twenty-one livin’ better than your daddy?
Bitch, send me your location and it better not be an addy
2020 Escalade, bitch, that better be a Caddy
Bitch say she with my cousin, bitch, you better be with Fatty
Ridin’ around with Scooby Doo, bitch, you better be with

Immaculate – YN Jay lyrics
Immaculate - YN Jay
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