Ill advised – Boldy James lyrics

Lyrics Ill advised – Boldy James

Ill advised lyrics
Yeah .. with the gas
Trials and tribulations
Other ghetto kid nigga and still I rise
Young and ill advised
Speed demon off the weed and the liquor lived a thug life
That Hennessy’ll get you killed nigga
That dope dick it’ll get yo whip keyed nigga
Was young and ill advised
Life of a street nigga
Where we at with it
227 gang let’s get it

A penny saved is a penny earned got discerned that I gotta raise
It’s his turn to to turn up so I be workin on my holidays
Tryna get that dollar made slappin blocks off the promenade
18 whole ones I been teeing off at the driving range
Me and Gianno.. won’t hoke em no we supply them thangs
Bae keep .. love to see me floss when I drive the Range
He paid the cost to be the boss expensive as it was
See me and Mari innat Porsche that shit from sellin drugs
We from the real streets of Detroit where niggas play for keeps
Crimson yo’ tide and take you down can’t wash the stain with bleach
My OG Ali change my life was with them bottom feeders
Most of us ain’t believe in God so we was robbin preachers
Barry Ricky and Grey to grace.. he was a block bleeder
187 homicide drugs on concrete
Yeah its late and still fuckin bitches with my father’s features
Rockin house pieces niggas know the vibes
You can ask my man he’s a mind reader
Keep a 9 heater all the time it’s just how we ride
Meet up at the cemetery and get smoked up pass the weed nigga
This the anthem for real street niggas aye
I had to sever ties
He took the stand and testified for some lesser times
Was tellin Dutch to slow down but he was pressed for time
Nevermind that shit with .. wish I could press rewind
My life was a game of spades. I won a 7 blind ..
Loso got sprayed with the K like 47 times
Trill recognize trill was young and ill advised
Lucky to be still alive know its fuckin with niggas pride
Never been robbed in my life a couple a niggas tried
Last shootout you heard I had both of them niggas died
Heard niggas talkin down on .. you know that nigga slide
Cause when its on you know this beef shit come with extra sides
Do the electric boogaloo choppa electric slide
While I’m somewhere ducked off with my bitch just tryna catch a vibe
None of these hoes ain’t loyal got money set aside
For all these rats and rodents who need pesticide
Lets get ittt

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Ill advised – Boldy James lyrics
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